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Prayers for Randy


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Below is an e-mail I received in response to Tom's good news. Please send your prayers out that Randy receives good results from his clinical trial.

Glad to hear.....wish news was just as good for a friend of ours. He went for his check up and they found 2 more tumors (had portion of lung removed- cancer in the lung and lymphoid). He had gone to the cancer institute in Texas last year for treatment. Came back the next check up was good, but then this one was not. By the time he went back down there (2 weeks ago) they found 10 more tumors in the lung. He is now on a clinical study to try a new type of treatment. He won't know if it worked until he goes back in about 3 weeks. Say a prayer, he is only 47-48 years old with 2 girls ages 11 & 15.

FYI.....he is the one that I have mentioned in the past that was in New York on 9/11. He was suppose to be at the WTC for a meeting when they were attacked. He was held up in another meeting about a mile away, the meeting ran late. They saw the towers get hit from where they were.

Thanks All,


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thoughts and prayers and big THanks for doing a trial.

With a name like Randy Ya can't go wrong!!

RandyW in NC

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