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Cancer Patient's Bill Of Rights


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How does the idea of having a cancer patient's bill of rights sound to all of you. I know that congress has been playing with the idea of a patient's bill of rights for years. I'm not certain if all or any of their ideas have been acted on. I do know that even if such a bill is passed it has two flaws. One cancer patients have different needs than others and two there are no ways incorperated into their ideas that would allow monitoring to see if the rights are adhered to or punishment if they are not. I suggest that we all use our experiences to make a list of what we believe are cancer patients rights. Maybe use a thread here to do that. Once we feel our list is complete start sending it out by email asking for signatures. A lot of people can be reached that way. Then we could send it to members of congress and the media. It may not get a bill passed but it would sure put the plight of cancer patients in the public eye in a way that teaches them something that may some day benifit all cancer victims. Any ideas on this subject? As for me I have the first three rights already.

1. As a victim of cancer you have the right to be treated as a person NOT a disease.

2. As a cancer victim you have the right to decide if your life is worth fighting for.

3. No one has the right to harass or torment you if you chose to fight or not to fight the cancer. It is your body, your life and your choice.

Please let me know what you think of this idea. Some how we have to make the rest of the world know that cancer is a disease that anyone can get and that if you get it you expect the same treatment and attitude that a person with any other disease or illness gets.


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Three cheers for your determination and mission!

One suggestion:

The term or phrase or label "CANCER VICTIM" can be offensive to some, for many reasons, on several levels.

May I suggest a more proactive description of our experience?

When I see the cancer warriors here (and wherever we gather together),

my visualization is that I'm in the company of other "PEOPLE-BATTLING- CANCER".

No one "label" fits all, but perhaps we can begin to evolve away from the "terminal-terminology" of the 1930s-40s and choose one more reflective of our attitudes & goals.

Thanks for your consideration & for all your efforts in this cause!

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