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Good Weekend


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I thought it might be posting when I'm feeling good for a change, instead of when I'm not. If for no other reason than to say, there will be joyful moments. They don't last forever, but when they happen, I cherish them and am thankful for them.

This weekend was the best weekend I've had in a very long time. My good friends invited me to join their family at a family camp over on Catalina Island, which is a small island off the coast of So Cal. They had other friends there that I didn't know (yet). I had the best time. They were so great, making me feel completely part of their group. The weather was awful, but we went hiking and horseback riding and just enjoyed each other's company and the beautiful location. The camp was awesome. We sang silly campfire songs and ate bad camp food and slept in sleeping bags. I loved it! I'm going back with them over Labor Day!

These friends have been wonderful to me -- it's probably the one friendship that hasn't changed a bit, except we've become much closer. I told their 13 year old daughter that I felt like they had adopted me for the weekend. She laughed and started calling me by their last name!

I expected to come home and feel very "down" afterwards. This time I didn't. I was just happy to come back to my dog, who I missed so! I thought about Bill the entire time I was there. I felt sad sometimes. But it felt so "alive" and I loved that part of it. Of course I wished he was there to share it. But it was one of those things he wasn't really keen on doing. I suppose that's part of why I could enjoy it so much. I know Bill would have been so pleased too.

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Oh Teri I am so glad that you had that great time. I know how hard it is to laugh and have a good time so when it happens enjoy it fully. Sounds like you have some very nice friends. Again I am happy for you and wish you many more good moments like the weekend. Lillian

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Thanks for sharing that wonderful time you had. I so get it. I too, have had good times and don't feel guilty about it. I know my Bill would be thrilled that I'm moving on. He knew how much I loved him and he knew I'd be sad when he left, but he also knew that I am strong in my faith and that is what is getting me through.

God bless you and thank you again for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing the joy of your weekend, Teri. I think it gives all of us some hope that there is still some happiness possible. You are much farther along this process than I am, and "happy" is something I haven't felt in a very long time. I do find myself able to smile and laugh in small doses before the sadness descends on me again. Maybe that is a small step to finding some happiness at some point ahead of me.

You are fortunate to have these great friends who have adopted you and made you feel a part of their family. That is a real blessing.

I hope you have many more good times ahead.


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