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Non-Lung Cancer Sadness


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Here I am just surfing the net, trying to find solace in my current situation, and I can't find it...so I thought I would post about it here...to get it off my chest, and maybe a few of you will send me words of happiness...

My closest friend here in town is moving to Poland for a year. Her husband's job is sending him there, and thus taking her and their three kids, who play with my own kids. I am watching the hubub at their house across the street, and I just want to burst into tears. It is a loss. It is breaking my heart. She was so good to me through everything with my dad. She was a shoulder to cry on, and a true dear heart.

I'm sad tonight.


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I can certainly sympathize with that type of loss. i too have felt that type of loss with my friend of 34 yrs Anna. Anna and I met in the 7th grade. We remained friend all these years. About 10 yrs ago she moved to Rhinelander,WI which of course is not as far as Poland (10 hour drive) but to me in Palatine, IL it might as well have been across the continent.

Anna struggled to survive in WI but she was never the same when she moved away.

She suffered through the her childrens various disabilities, her husbands infidelity, the loss of her job, her home and the loss of her beloved mother. Losing her mother was the worst. It absolutely crushed her and she has not been the same. After her losses she came to live with me for about 2 months and she was not the Anna I remembered. Then she went to live with her sister about 1/2 hr drive from here. Well she had a falling out with her sister and left the house. Her sister reported her missing as she is very emotionally unstable. She wandered into someone else house and they called the police. She could not remember where she lived. The police and psychiatrists placed her in an institution as her sister did not want her back.

I was told this by her sister when I called to check on her. Her sister does not know where they took her nor does she care. Sister also said that Anna was diagnosed with MS somewhere in that time. I have called all the institutions I can find and I have not been able to find her. Also since I am not actually blood family they will give me no info. It has been 2 years.

I think I have lost my friend forever. I miss her so much. :cry:

I am sorry to ramble so much but it felt good to finally get that out.

I know a year seems like such a long time. But it may go by faster than you think. Keep the coorespondence going with your friend. She may not be able to be there physically but the emotional connection can stay strong through letters and e-mails which are always great and it may not really seem so long before you see each other again.

Hoping that better days are ahead. After they are done with Poland do you know if they are coming back to the area?


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Jen, I hear you and am going through a similar situation.

Loss is loss.

I am leaving a job that I have grown to hate but where there are people I have grown to love.

And I am so sad I am leaving them. They have stood by me during the best of times (Sophie's Birth) and the worst of times (Mom's passing). So I understand.

Good luck getting through. Although I understand, it will be tough.

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You guys are the best. Thank you so much for your support. It was hard today, saying goodbye at the car. The girls were so good in the back of the car, and I was so proud of them, because this is a big adjustment for them too. I am being so selfish, and I know it...but I am going to miss them so much. We were such summer friends...going to the pool together, watching the kids play. A favorite was putting our two slip and slides together at the bottom of the jungle gym slide, and watching the kids have a ball!

Thank you for your support...you guys are the best.


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