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Accuracy-In-Labeling//Therapeutic Semantics


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Thinking Aloud:

The term or phrase or label "CANCER VICTIM" can be offensive to some, for many reasons, on several levels.

May I suggest a more proactive description of our experience?

When I see the cancer warriors here (and wherever we gather together),

my visualization is that I'm in the company of other "PEOPLE-BATTLING- CANCER".

1.) We are "PEOPLE" like anyone else first & foremost, not patients-in-exile. "PEOPLE" is also inclusive of our family, friends, and supporters.

2.) Dealing with all that comes with a cancer diagnosis is a tough ongoing daily BATTLE in our war against our very determined enemy, CANCER.

3.) Seeing the defeat of CANCER as a BATTLE in which all PEOPLE everywhere can/need be determinedly united in fighting---and not just we "front-liners"---could serve humanity's goals so much better than being perceived as unfortunate/foregone "victims".

No one "label" fits all, but perhaps we can begin to evolve away from the "terminal-terminology" of the 1930s-40s and choose one more reflective of our realities, attitudes & goals.

Thanks for your consideration!

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