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Antidepressants ???


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Hi everyone. What a roller coaster this cancer ride has been. My dad was diagnosed two months ago with stage IV lung cancer that had spread to the brain. He had the gamma knife/stereotactic surgery for the brain tumor. We got good news on that one, last week the doctors said that there is no evidence of the tumor in his brain.

The tumor in his lung is another story. It has grown in spite of the radiation and chemotherapy. My dad is having a terrible time wtih the chemo and radiation. They had to put an NG tube in. He cannot swallow anything by mouth. It is being aspirated into his lungs. His voice is almost completely gone. They told him that his throat may never work again. The tumor is apparently pressing on his esophagus/nerves (????) Not suprisingly he is very depressed and angry. My stepmom asked about antidepressants but was told that there were none in liquid form. Has anyone heard of this? When my brother-in-law was sick with prostate cancer 10 years, I know that using antidepressants toward the end really helped him a great deal. Any suggestions?

Thanks. Rita

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Suggestions from my pharmacist who verifies that the latest antidepressants do NOT come in liquid form and that there MAY be a reason for that:

#1 Do not try to do this on your own. The suggestions above may or may not work.

#2 Try contacting the manufacturers of antidepressant pills for guidelines about possibilities of liquifying the medicines.


#3 Try contacting a COMPOUNDING pharmacy to help you obtain answers to your questions and to help with the implementation.

Best of luck to you and know that your dad is in my prayers for relief.

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Although I am unable to advise you on the antidepressants I can tell you a little about my dads experience with losing his voice.

Shortly after he was diagnosed he started to go hoarse. Apparently the tumor was pressing against a nerve damaging one of the vocal chords. It was suggested that after treatment he may be able to have a surgery to repair that. I know some on this board have done so. Luckily for my dad his tumor shrunk by more than 50% after treatment and shortly therafter his voice has returned. It is not quite 100% of what it used to be but is it pretty close.

You and your family are in my prayers.


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