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Joint Pain & Stiffness

Connie B

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Hey LC Survivors,

I have a question for you. I have been dealing with Joint Pain and some stiffness mostly in my legs, and back. I've had this for over a year now, but little by little it seems to be getting worse. To be honest with you, I am slowing down and being I am only going to be 56 soon, that's really not old for the way I feel. Just kind of sore all over for a while in the a.m.

When I first get out of bed in the morning I am very stiff and walking isn't easy to do. I kind of shuffle my feet taking small steps for the first 2 to 3 minutes after I get out of bed and I am stiff and sorta sore all over my body.

Most of the day I am fine as long as I keep moving, but if I set down stay put for over a half hour the stiffness & slow movement starts in all over again for a little while until I move around and work it out.

Could it be Arthritis? Sure it could! Could it be Tendinits? Sure it could! Or could it be a long term side effect from chemo? Sure it could!

Do any of you have anything like this going on? I am limited as to what kind of mediations I can take for this. Inflammatory meds are out for me because of the heart issues.

My hubby just went to a Orthop/Arthritis Doctor and had TON'S of blood work done and holy crap they charged $1,800.00 dollars for the blood work they had done. :shock: Yes, insurance is paying for this , but MY GOODNESS!!!! Anyway, all the tests they did on him, (and he has a LOT of what I have) his tests showed he has a little tendinitis in his arms and thats all he has. Before I run to the doctor, (as you all know how much we hate to do that all the time!) I thought I would run this past all my friends here to see if any of you are dealing with anything like I am?

Thanks everyone for your help in advance. I really have a feeling this is chemo (down the road) related! :roll::wink:

Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day!

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I have stiffness in my lower back. It's not too bad when I get up (not too good, either), but is worse after my shower. If I keep moving, it "works out" as you put it. It's hard to commute and then get out of the car!

I'm not even 40, but it could be arthritis...or side effects....or being overweight and not real limber...

I take Aleve in the morning and can usually make it through the day. Of course, if I get a migraine, I'm kinda screwed cuz I can't take my migraine medication after taking the naproxsyn. Go figure!

Maybe try acupuncture? I'm really thinking about it...

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I've been thinking about acupuncture as well! (good minds think alike?) :wink: I did the chiropractor thing too, and it did help with my back pain a year ago or so, but this isn't like that pain. I did also have an MRI done about 8 months ago or so and that was all clear too other then a little disk problem in my back, but that's not what is causing this stiffness.

So, maybe you need a nice new cushy car to drive back and forth to work in? 8):wink: Either that or you need to start working closer to home! (easy for me to say)! I'm thinking LIIMO (WITH) a driver! LOL!

So, it's acupuncture time................. anyone eles done acupuncture? My Ex hubby did many moons ago for his back problems (he was a truck drive) and he swore by the gal that did him. (I think he did more then swore by her too, but we won't go there)! :roll::lol::lol::lol: All kidding aside, he did feel it worked well for him.

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Well Connie I can't believe that you actually have posted looking for some help and I've got nothin' for you. I can tell you though that since my treatments, I have had terribly achy legs and knee joints...you know the kind that keep you awake at night. I never had them before but in my case it could be due to many things...exercising more, chemo, the clinical trial I was on maybe. I do know though that there can be long lasting affects from chemo. And it does take me awhile to loosen up and find my stride in the morning. But take heart that I am younger than you. I hope you find something that helps. Perhaps it is a good excuse to elicit a good leg massage and rub from your husband! Take care


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Hi Connie,

I was like that for a while a few years ago. I looked and felt like Frankenstein when I got out of bed in the morning. My ankles were so stiff I couldn't bend them until they got going for a while, and every joint in my body hurt.

A short time later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Once we got that under control, all that stiffness went away.

I also take fish oil supps every day and they're good for all kinds of things, including joint health.

I hope you get to the bottom of this soon. You are right, 56 is no time to slow down!


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Thank you Cindy for that information. That's very helpful. This feeling of being locked up is for the birds. I feel like "Tim Conway" and I look like him when I walk. :lol:

Plus I figure with all that my body has been through over the last 5 years, let alone add on my lung issues too......... :roll: I know how lucky I am to be here and to be able to do all the things I can and do do, but damn, this stiffness and aching stuff gets to you.

Wow Sandy, I had no idea I never asked for help?! Now and then I know I have, but I also have lots of good LC Survivor friends here in Minnesota from my In Person Lung Cancer Support Group that I bounce a LOT of stuff off first. But I come here too when I don't find answers anywhere else. :wink:

I also keep my PROFILE up to date rather then share when I am going to CT scans, etc.,, etc.

Thanks everyone for your help. I always appreciate your input and your help.


Wishing us ALL a wonderful day!

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Connie, I've been walking around with the symptoms you describe for years but I'm 64. I just told my husband this morning that the doctors see me when I've been up and around and I look fine but when I get up in the morning I'm bent and shuffle like an old lady. Same thing if I sit for a half hour or more and get up.

Over the years (before dx) I've had undiagnosed pain, mostly in lower back, legs, hands and wrists. I always attributed it to arthritis. It runs in my family and I've broken a number of bones over the years and was severely wrenched in a car wreck years ago. I used to manage it with Aleve but can't take it with chemo. When it's gotten really bad, I've used accupuncture with some success. It's not cheap though and it's really important to have a connection with the practicioner. I've been to three or four and when I've experienced the most benefit has been with accupuncturers I really liked. I didn't have any luck with the glucosamine and chrondroitin even though I know others who have.

Best of luck, Judy in Key West

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Hey Girlfriend...

I'm sorry you are feeling so achey....but Con...I swear...I felt like that was me writing your letter...I have EXACTLY the same symptoms and as you know...I never had Chemo....When I get up in the morning ...I have to shuffle to the bathroom...my feet feel numb and I am very stiff...BUT..it only last a few minutes and then I'm OK after I start moving...but let me sit in front of the computer for more than a half hour...and it will be the same feeling as I get up in the morning....'Go 'figger'...

Hope you are feeling better soon...and about time for our time on the phone...will call you soon...


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Hi Connie,

It's amazing how you've put into words the exact same symptoms as me as well. I have the Tim Conway shuffle in the morning big time. But it gets better once I've moved around a bunch. My symptoms have gotten a bit better over the past month, I think it was just waiting it out, but I did also try Turmeric supplements which are supposed to help the joints (It's just the ingredient in curry).


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  • 1 month later...

Hey Connie, Did you ever find a solution?

I have this same problem as does the hubby. Even the lady next to me in Yoga was complaining that she was too stiff to straighten up in class after sitting for awhile.

I think it is old age catching up to us. Anyway, I hope that's all it is. :)


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I'm curious too. Did you ever find out what it was? I'm more than 10 yrs. older than you and those symptoms are getting worse and worse for me. Altho. I recommended trying glucosamine and chondroitin, I haven't tried that for years. It did help the arthritis in my knee for a while. Eventually I had a total knee replacement. Now, I guess I need a total body replacement.

Do you think this is joint pain or muscle pain?


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Joint, muscle, whatever. I also ache all over my body most of the time. It seems worse since my dx, I think because they took away my Aleve. I routinely took 2 to 3 to get through the day and night. I always thought it was old age compounding the fact that I was in a car accident when I was about 35. I don't think you heal the same after a certain age.

I laughed when they started asking about numbness in my hands and feet when I went on Avastin maintenance. I've had numbness in some of my fingertips since my son was born in my early twenties. But I'm thinking now I probably should tell my onc. I started waking up with pins and needles in my hands. I thought I was just sleeping wrong. Now though, I'm noticing my hands going to sleep when I'm just sitting doing nothing.

I'm reminded of a doctor recently commenting on my history of not going to the doctor with a problem or not reporting problems now that I am being routinely seen: Well, I guess you figure if you wait long enough, it will either go away or fall off. I laughed but only after I said, yeh I guess that's about right.

Judy in Savanah, GA

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Sorry I didn't get back to everyone sooner on this. :oops::roll::wink:

Sadly enough, I have been seeing doctor's for just about EVERYTHING and the stiffness issues isn't anything to worry about. I guess what that APPEAR to be saying is....................... Well, your not getting any younger!!!!! :shock::?:roll::wink:

But, some of the pain issue was surgery or is surgery related from the 4 open heart surgeries I have had over the last 5 years.

I don't have any Aurther (HOORAY), and nothing major is causing it. (DARNIT)! So I guess the GOOD NEWS is, I'm getting older! And to be honest with you, that really IS good news, being I didn't think I would live to see 45 after I was dx.d with lc! :shock:8):wink:

I do have two blocked vessels and corroded artery problem in my neck right now that we are dealing with. As you ALL know, it's always something! But, I'm still kicking and still shuffeling and still moving slower then normal. But, I'm moving!!!!!!

Sorry I can't put light on some of this, other then making it an age issue, but I'm okay with knowing that.

Muriel, I can't take most alternative meds because of my new mitral valve. I'm on Cummodin and I have to pass everything by my Heart Doc now! :roll: As for it being joint or muscle, I have to say a little of both. The muscle pain would have been caused from not moving around as much as I would have liked to. This last surgery in December 2007 really knocked me on my can. This was a SLOW recovery! But, thanks for the helpful hints all. I honestly do appreciate them.

Oh, and just so you know, I had my CT scan and I am still OKAY and Clean and Clear. Just got the nodules and they havn't changed!! I'll be celebrating 13 years at LAF Summit on July 25. HOORAY!!!!

Love & Hugs to All,


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