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mom called to heaven


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Hello all. Haven't posted much, but check the board daily. My mother lost her battle with sclc on April 11, 20008. She was walking, talking and shouting orders one day and the next she was bed ridden and couldn't speak. It all happened so quickly. The hospice nurse was even shocked to see such a change. She wasn't responding to anything for a week. On Friday (the11th) I decided to take the day off of work to be with her. I was talking to her in the am, telling her when my kids were going to visit that day and that we had to get her cleaned up. I asked her if she knew I loved her and she turned her head toward me, looked me in the eyes, started crying and shoock her head yes! I screamed so loud my sister-in-law ran out of the shower to see what happened. i asked my mother the same question and she shook her head yes again! We just stood there crying. After calming down a bit I put some christmas carol on -it was her favorite time of the year. Family and friends came in and out all day to visit. At about 5:15 every one went home and said the would be back after dinner.My children and husband came about5:30. My daughter and I were holding her hands, the other two weere rubbing her feet and my husband was standing behind me holding me up when she took last breathe at 5:45pm. Every one was crying until one by one we noticed what christmas carol came on-silver bells-her favorite. Leave it to her to go out with a sparkle!

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I am so sorry for your loss, but you have a special story to tell of how she passed and that she was with everyone that loved her. She knew you were special and felt like she could pass with you there, alot of people like to pass alone. Again I am so sorry

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