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needle biopsy

Guest Needle biopsy

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Guest Needle biopsy

I'm new, and seem to have trouble logging in. I'm very glad I was directed to come here. This Fiday 28th, I will be having a needle biopsy on a very large lymphnode on the left side of my neck. Also I will have a needle biopsy of my left lung (front-top) I'm 46 & yes, a smoker.

I first discovered the tiny pea sized tiny lump in my neck on Oct. 9th, now at Nov 25th, it has grown ALOT. I am frieghtened about the lung biopsy, I'm one of the worst chickens there are when it comes to needles, but I KNOW it has to be done. Even just to find out if the neck has any corelation with the spot/shadow on lung. The Doctors seem a bit puzzled,


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BibiGirl -

First I hope you mean to make that "ex-smoker"! Really. Your body needs EVERY advantage you can give it to win this war.

Second of all, I was very scared of my needle biopsy as well. And when they told me I'd be "awake" for it I thought "no way"!. Well, when they got me in to the room, and I had a very sweet nurse taking care of me, they gave me the novicane to numb the area and she held my hand while they waited for it to take effect. (NEVER feel silly ASKING a complete stranger to hold your hand - god works thru everyone!) Anyway, once the doctor came back in, she must have seen the concern on my face and asked if there was anything she could do to make it easier for me.

I said "yeah. Put a towel over my face so I can't SEE what they're doing to me!" Of course I could have just closed my eyes, but I knew my curiosity would get the best of me and I'd peek! So they did, and I think it really helped.

And once all was said and done - it wasn't that big of a deal after all!

Hang tough and know that you have to find out exactly what you're fighting against....

Hugs and prayers,


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The needle biopsy is scary in your imagination and about as fun as being threatened with bamboo under the fingernails... The tumor in my lungs was closer to my back so I was on my tummy for the procedure (no watching). At the time, I didn't think it was all THAT important because I was SO SURE it was just something in there that would go away, even though my consulting thoracic surgeon had MENTIONED cancer, there was NO WAY that could be my diagnosis....WRONG!

Anyhow, looking back, the needle biopsy WAS a needle but not one that I really felt. I felt pressure as the tech moved the needle around to "harvest" the cells and knew when it was moving as that was when I was told to hold my breath...

Honestly, the procedure is NOT as bad as you visualize it to be, just make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before and try to relax. No need to panic for a test - you COULD just have sarcoidosis and an enlarged lymph node, after all. This test is to RULE OUT cancer, not to "confirm" - try that thought on to help you relax.

I am a needle chicken, too. HATE 'em, hate the IV needed for CT contrast dye, the having blood drawn for labs, shots, etc. Techs can NEVER find a vein, end up a pin cushion for any procedure, have to psych myself up AND my husband holds my hand, no matter what! He was even given special permission to accompany me to pre-op...he had to leave prior to the epidural (BIG needle) being put in place, BUT there was a WONDERFUL RN that held both my hands (after watching how hubby held mine when she put the "garden hoses" in the tops of my hands) AND came up to check on me in ICU (I hadn't known my blood type and she had told me she'd tell me when she knew). It's okay to be a baby if you remember "please" and "thank you" and make 'em laugh!

Fingers crossed for something "simple" for you,


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BiBi Girl,

Just like Sandy said it was a piece of cake. I'm about as needle-phobic as one can get.

The one thing I couldn't stop visualizing after they said there could be some air leakage after the needle was taken out: I pictured myself twirling rapidly around at ceiling level, not too unlike a balloon. I kept laughing. That probably made it even easier.

So, relax. It sounds bad. BUT, it's not!


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