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Fiducials are in Place


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Hey all. Thanks for well wishes and prayers... my lung did collapse during the procedure but with prayers and help from the man above it was back up and I was on my way home in about 36 hours which is record time for me. Anyway now that the BLING is in place I will go get fitted for a body cradle and a tracking vest next week and then see about two other doctors involved with th Cyberknife team and then I guess treatment will beging. I meet with my Oncologist on Monday to find out what type of chemo and when we will start.

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Hey Judy, I'll be anxious to hear about your process as you move along. My sister had the fiducial's implanted on the 20th of May. She was in the 75% in that her lung did not collapse, sorry that yours did but you do sound like you bounced back in record time!

I keep teasing Kelly that her worth has gone up considerably now that she's walking around with gold balls in her chest. :) We've had a lot of fun with jokes about the whole thing, it seems to be our way.

She had a follow-up CT this Wednesday and they molded the cradle then. Now they told her that they will go back to the rest of the team and the computer modeling and she'll likely start in 2 weeks. So seems you two are about on track to do this together.

Kelly has been on Tarceva since February and she'll likely stay on it through the treatment - I grilled the rad onc extensively about his experience with Tarceva and this procedure, so I feel OK with that decision.

Good luck with your procedure and hoping you and Kelly set some cyberknife records. :)

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Sending you tons and tons of positive vibes and prayers!!! Sorry you ran into problems along the way but you know what they say, you can't keep a good woman down!!!

Keep us posted - I will be thinking of you!!

Hugs - Patti B

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Judy - you are amazing. 36 hours and home after a collapsed lung?

Sending many prayers that things are much more uneventful from here on in (with the exception of excellent results from treatment). Hope your appointment with your onc gives you some more information as to upcoming treatment. Keeping you in my thoughts Judy.

Take care,


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