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I have been taking tarceva for about 6mo now and am fairly aware of the side effects.

Just a question for past or current users:most of tjhe side effects(dirah, rash,sensitive finger tips and eye iratation......are all there to some degree...sometimes better sometimes worse.....however the fatigue is ever present..sometimes I can handle it ..other times feel like I got hit by a truck. Just wears me out.Is that me or has someone else felt the same?


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Hi, Dave:

Actually, fatigue has been mild for me, much less bothersome than the skin and fingertip effects -- which are now pretty much resolved except for the sun sensitivity (I'm starting my 9th month on Tarceva). But I know some people have reported very pronounced fatigue, starting shortly after taking the daily pill and continuing for a few hours. Those people were advised to change their dose schedule and take it just before bedtime, so most of the fatigue would play itself out during the sleep period.

If you fatigue is fairly constant and doesn't seem related to when you take the pill, then taking it before bedtime might not help, but I guess it's worth a try.



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Dave, I have been taking Tarceva for the last 17 months. The worse thing I have to deal with is the extreme fatigue. I take minocycline 100mg a day to control the rash.

My Onc prescribed me a stimulant typically used with ADHD and that has helped alot with the fatigue.

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I have been taking Tarceva for 2 1/2 years now and for me the fatigue comes in spurts. One week I will be feeling great, the next I just can't get enough rest. I haven't resorted to adding any drugs to offset the fatigue. I too have heard that taking it at night helps some.


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