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Question about Emend vs Reglan and other anti emetics


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My first 2 rounds of chemo went FINE as far as nausea was concerned. I received the decadron? and emend in patient the first time. I was given a grant from Merck for the expensive Emend pills for round 2 and the steroids are affordable (cheap). Now I am starting my 3rd round tomorrow. Problem is I was approved for Medicaid and I started the pre authorization stuff a week prior and everything looked set to go until Friday at 5pm.

The pharmacy said it was approved for June 15th! That doesn't make any sense to me? So now I am down to the last hour and Medicaid Pharm hotline was already closed.

QUESTION 1 - should I let them give me EMEND by IV and hope I can straighten this out over the phone before Tuesday?

QUestion 2 Should I get my ALTERNATE script for reglan filled and let the chemo nurses know?


OPTION 3- hope that the IV dose is all I need?

Thanks for any suggestions

or opinions on Reglan, Emend, and Federal assistance


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i CAlled Medicaid this morning and the rep was so helpful and nice- she personally called the pharmacy with the approval and then called me back. I am not sure how the Doctors Office gave them the wrong chemo dates!

I tell you what- I am so HAPPY because I did not HAVE 240 dollar for this med. I shouldn't panic so easily ---maybe I will mellow out in time

:-) I hope you all have a great day!


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Marianne... I agree also that Zofran can be helpful too and i think its less expesive... I can only relate nausea issues to pregnancy, so I am unsure how differnt they can be, but here are 2 non-drug suggestions that I used while pregnant and I got these from the MD's and Patients at the cancer center I used to work at.

1. Lemon Drops... We always had a jar of them on the counter at the Cancer Center Pharmacy.. The drug rep that peddled a anti-nausea med would bring them in for us. This was my favorite.. Dad seemed to think that they helped too when he got chemo.

2. Starlight Mints... the round candycane ones... I didnt use this one to often as i prefered the lemon drops, but had lots of people tell me that it worked for them.

Hope things work out well for u with your ins.


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