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Where is J.C.?


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Did I miss something? I miss seeing J.C. posting in the Inspirational Forum and I haven't "seen" here here in a while- so I am a little worried. Anyone have an update on Jackie?


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Got a PM asking me to look at the forum

I'm sorry I had you worried.

I'm ok physically, the rest of my

life is a nightmare, too bad I'm awake,

should have that part under control

by next month.

Thinking of all of you, will be back

for sure even if only with sayings

to start the day with.

Katie, Happy Birthday and may the

coming year be one that fills you

with delight.

Ry, don't be too hard with the fine,




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Breathing a sigh of relief here myself Glad you checked in Jackie. We've missed you. Take care and hope all will be well for you soon.


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