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Losing weight

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I do not know at what point they would discontinuew treatment but I do know that weight loss is a major issue in dealing with cancer. The technical term is called cachexia and it is not a good thing.

What does dad eat and when does he eat? THese are the major questions to ask. MAke sure he has food available 24/7. THe rule is eat when you are hungry not just 3 meals a day which is the traditional situation.

Keep favorite snacks on hand always. Also another idea that we use is Boost and Ensure. Radiation does strange things to taste buds and makes food taste bad sometimes. IT causes throats to burn when swallowing and gives food a Metallic taste to everything making nothing pallatible.

A feeding tube is a temporary option not a permanent one. HTis is what a lot of oncologists recommend during Rad treatment because of of the above factors. IT can be removed when Radiation treatment is over if i am not mistaken.

THere are also drugs to stimulate the appetite to make you Hungry

Cachexia is often a severe problem in the management of cancer and other illnesses because it adds to the morbidity of the underlying disease and complicates its treatment. Megestrol acetate has been observed anecdotally to produce weight gain.

Hope this gives you something to work with for now. Good Luck Thoughts and Prayers!

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