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Dad looks really bad

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went to see him today after treatment # 9. He's just lying on the couch. He can't really look straight at me. His eyes keep closing and rolling to the back of his head. He says he is ok but i know he doesn't want to worry me. All he had to eat today was 5 Fig Newtons. He's been trying to drink liquids but he keeps getting bloated. I mentioned the feeding tube and he said he knew about it. I think I am going to have to go the doctors with him real soon. My 82 year old grandfather has been taking him, but I know no one is asking questions or telling them how he's feeling. He says it feels like his stomach is shutting down, no indications of being hungry. Today it actually looked like he was dying lying there. I know the chemo, if they do it is going to make him worse. I am having a really hard time dealing with this. All while planning a wedding for the 14th. Had to get more anxiety meds today.

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So sorry all of this is happening, I think you definitely need to take the time and talk to his doctors and understand what they are thinking and that they know how he is feeling. This food issue is a constant struggle at our house also...you just keep trying.



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Bless your heart, it's not easy. It would help you to talk with his doctors and learn exactly what is going on. My husband ate a lot of rice dishes and pasta. I was thankful for frozen dishes from Michelena and for packages of Lipton sides. Starchy things just seemed to work well . Mike always liked Boost Plus in Vanilla.. chocolate is too sweet. Keep trying. God Bless.



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Oh Lillee. My heart goes out to you. I assume he is taking anti-nausea meds, and what those do is basically do a number on your stomach, which helps with the nausea but no so much with eating. Talk to the doctors for sure...get someone on the phone, nurses at the clinic can be helpful as well. And know that there are many people here that care very much and are praying for both you and your dad. Take care


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