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We quit the fight


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After battling this disease since 8/06, my husband, Frank, and I jointly decided this weekend to give up the fight. He has lost the use of his legs and his mental capacity comes and goes - one minute he is very lucid and the next - not so much.

He spent 9 days in the hospital and 2 weeks in a skilled nursing facility but all he really wanted was to COME HOME. On Monday, I made that happen for him. I had to have an ambulance bring him home because I could not get him into the house. When they opened the back of the ambulance and got him out, I said "honey, you're home". His response back was "I thought I'd never get here".

I have enlisted the help of hospice and have a daughter who is committed to helping me with caring for Dad.

He is in no pain for which I am very grateful. If it was up to him, he would pass now - he continually keeps saying he is ready to go but I guess his body's just not ready to quit yet.

This forum has been a lifesaver for me through this journey and to all of you out there, I say "thank you". I wouldn't recognize you if I ran into you in Wal-Mart but many of you have touched me for a lifetime. During a time of my life when my friends just didn't get it - you all did!

Peace be with all of you as you continue this journey - my journey now is to walk this final walk with my husband of 26 years and allow him the best transition into the next world as possible.


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The fight is his to continuie by surviving physically and mentally every day. HE si a long way from givin in to Lung Cancer!!

THoughts and Prayers always!!!!!

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Karla: I haven't be on the site long enough to "know" you and Frank but it sounds like you both have found peace with your current decision. It touched me to hear your goal for the two of you now.

Judy in Key West

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Best thoughts are with you and your family. It was very important to both of my parents to be able to be home surrounded by loved ones for their last moments. We were all the winners, as odd as that may sound. Peace be with you all.

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