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Hello all. MSKCC in NYC basically blew me off today :? They said there is no cure for me. My scans showed strongly stable for the last 6 mo. now my SUV is 10, I started at 9. I feel great. I have a lot of fight left in me. My insurance will only cover "Centers of Excellence" and I said, Sloan is one of them? I'm in trouble. They approve FOX/CHASE IN PHILY; DANA FARBER IN BOSTON or JOHNS HOPKINS IN BALTIMORE. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Let's kick cancers arse together. Thanks everyone, Mary

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Mary: Don't know how they told you there is no cure but it sounds like it wasn't very tactful. I remember when my oncologist told me only after I finally gave her the opening. She said it wasn't cureable but it was manageable. It was a blow but I guess they feel they have to be honest but I don't have to believe it. As long as the treatment points me in the right direction, I get to decide how far I go with it.

It seems cold for a center like Sloan to just not offer you anything. If it's close to home and you will need to travel a significant distance to one of the others, consider first if Sloan would let you see a different oncologist who might have a more aggressive approach. I so admire your spirit but take it from one who has been traveling a great distance for treatment, the travel is wearing in and of itself. But if that's the only choice, go for it.

Judy in Key West

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I go to Fox Chase and my doc is Michael Millenson. I love him. Dr. Langer is the head of the Lung Dept. and he does see patients. I don't know why his name is not in the directory, but I saw him when my doc was on vacation. Call Fox Chase and see what's up - maybe it is an oversight.

Good Luck and God Bless,


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Thanks everyone! We got approved for Cancer Center of America ,Philipephlia,PA today! They will make my appt. tomorrow. MSKCC did offer me 3 Avastin infusions, but no preventive care i/e bone scan or brain MRI. I said do I have to hit a small child driving before you check for brain mets? Judy, I will only travel 2 or so hrs. and pack lots of "uniforms"!! and hats!

I'll keep you posted. Looking for Philly friends, Mary

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