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Dad's last radiation treament

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Hopefully the radiation has done its job. The only thing that worries me is he isn't seeing a doctor untill sih first chemo appointment on the 9th. He's now down to 110 lbs. Not good for someone 5'6". I am wondering if it has something to with him stopping drinking. He would usually have 3 maybe 4 beers after work. No more of those excess calories. For fathers day i am going to buy him some very comfy pillows and a memory foam top for his bed. The least I can do is help him get a comfortable sleep.

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Lillee. Radiation can be quite effective so I hope for the best with that. The effects of radiation can take awhile though. But in the meantime, his eating is of concern for sure. Need to be in good shape to get through chemo. So get a nutrition specialist on the phone, they usually have one at the clinic and they have lots of good ideas. Remember, all you can do as a caregiver is put food in front of him...then your job is done, and it is up to him to eat. I like your father's day gift ideas. Hope he gets rested up during his week off. Take care


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