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Meadow is finally back


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I hope I posted this in the right place.

I have finally made it back. I have been away for a long time and my pc was not working. Boy did I miss everyone.

Now I hope I won't have anymore problems with the computer.

I have been doing okay. I am currently on alimta and had a bit of a hard time with it. I had diarrhea for 8 days and finally stopped with medication from the oncologist. Then I couldn't go for another 6 days. Right now I'm doing fine. Thank god. The oncologist said it was from the chemo and he would reduce the dose for me. So far I'm okay but it seems to be accumlitive for me.

Please keep me posted on all. I have been gone for so long and I missed alot of things that have been happening.

Right now I am a bit under the weather too. I have a very close cousin that is dying in the hospital. She has kidney cancer and it has moved to her lungs, liver, spine and mouth. She only has maybe the night to get thru. She is in alot of pain. This is so sad, She is only 56 and also dx in November. The primary was her kidney. They did remove one of them but I guess not enough. She has renial cell carcinoma. This is a very uncomomon cancer. There is no real research on this.

If there are any prayers for her I would appreciate it.

Thank you all so much

God Bless you all,



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