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Symptoms - not diagnosed - yet


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I had an chest xray (two views) and they were negative.


- cough with phlegm for two weeks

- intermittent Chest pain - not associated with cough or breathing for 4 weeks.

-shoulder pain for two weeks

-constantly having to clear my throat - two weeks.

-VERY PAINFUL, DRY sinuses - 4 weeks

-scattered rib pain - 7 weeks

-night sweats May 30 and June 5th.

MRI with contrast of abdomen to examine liver lesions (they were hemangiomas) - negative. Complete blood count - negative.

I will see an ENT for my dry sinuses. Also, I will see a pulmonary specialist if still coughing in 3 more weeks.

Any thoughts on my symptoms?

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You probably don't have lung cancer, but you might ask for a CT scan of the chest. I had 2 chest XRays (2 views each time) and they were suspicious. The 3rd time the dr. ordered a third view and a lot more could be seen. Still suspicious, but enough to call for a CT scan.

Good luck. Let us know how this turns out. Thanks


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Dear Muriel,

Thank you for your reply. Do you mind telling me the size of the tumor found on the xray?



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Barbara. I agree with Muriel. Your symptoms would not lead me to believe that you necessarily have lung cancer. Although, it can lurk and go undetected for many years. But keep pushing for more tests until you do figure out exactly what it is. Good luck...be persistent.

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