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Another prednisone question


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I know that some of you have been on prednisone & perhpas can give me an answer.

I started on it in Feb. 60 mgs, then down to 40 mgs, then down to 30 mgs, 20 mgs, 10 mgs & finally 5 mgs daily. I finally finished on Tuesday.

I have the moon face still. When can I expect it to go away so that I will have cheekbones again. :?

We are travelling to Ct. to see my gran graduate high school on June 17 & I am hoping that by then I will look normal again. Any chance of that? Anything I can do to hurry it along...maybe cold packs?

Thanks, Creekgirl

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Hey Creekgirl. I have never been on prednisone but I know of it's nastiness, both mentally and physically, as my husband was on it for a few years. The moonface starts quick doesn't it. I think the answer is it probably depends on how long you were on it. It probably took at least 6 months for my husbands moon face to settle down. If you have only been on it for a short time, then I would think it would take less time than when you were on it to have side effects go away. Hope that helps somewhat. In the meantime I am sure you are very glad to just be getting off the darn stuff.

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I went on Prednisone 60 mg. in May of 07. I had a terrible time getting down to 5 mg.; i.e., I had to go back up to 60 from 30 three times before smaller dosage decreases allowed me to get to 5 mg. about 4-6 weeks ago (I tried dropping to 2.5 mg., but had to go back as inflammation apparently returned).

I not only had moonface, but barrel belly as well, and had gained a total of 14 lbs. during this period. My moon face disappeared within a month, and I have lost 12 of the 14 lbs.


Life is a Terminal Condition

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Thank you Sandra & Carole for your replies.

Yes, that prednisone is nasty stuff with so many side effects.

I know of a gal that was on it for a year, then got off it , then doc wanted her on it again & she refused. Said she would rather deal with her disease...MG....then with the side effects of the prednisone.

I do notice that my face doesn't seem so firm to the touch so that is a good thing. I gained 17 lbs. but hopefully will lose some. I don't have the desire to eat all the time & that will be a help.

Again, Thanks.....Creekgirl

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