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Some reflection time while I take some time off, my garden

Nick C

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So I'm in the garden looking at my perenials, and noticing all the perenials I have that Mom had: euonomus, montauk daisy, rose, hosta, ornamental grass...they were planted specifically because they are what Mom would plant.

And then I noticed other perenials...ones she didn't have, Astilbe, Balloon Flower, bell flower...and I noticed something she NEVER had...fusia, dhalia, pansies and herbs. And containers with strawberries and vegetablles. Containers with 3 - 4 different plants...I've only recently began to move away from replicating Mom's garden into making my garden.

Mom, I love gardening because of you, and when I plant a plant you would have never planted, and dig up something you would have liked and move it to a less prominent spot, this doesn't negate your memory. It shows how alive you STILL ARE IN ME. You continue to come with me and be part of my present and future. You (and my garden) do not remain in the past.

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Isn't it amazing how much gardening can instill such a sense of peace in you. I love to garden. When I first moved into Senior housing I wouldn't even look at the garden centers in stores. I really miss having my own yard a lot. As luck would have it we have a small personal flower bed here that belongs just to the residents. When the lady who cared for it moved a couple of months ago I took it over. It's not big but gives me a chance to still get my hands dirty.

You are right too. When I am working in the yard I feel closer to both Johnny and my mom. Mama hated to garden because she had to as a child and I'm not sure how much gardening if any Johnny ever did. I think for me it is just getting back to one of the simple basic things of life. God gave us so much beauty it is surly our job to make the most of it. When we do I'm sure it pleases our loved ones.

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ARen't plants a wonderful way to remember. Think of all the things your mom would have loved to have...had she the space, the time, the resources, the idea...her gardening is living through you. I LOVE to look at my garden and think of the memories, the newness, and the joy that it brings to me and the ones I love!

Great post!


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