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Clinical trial is working!


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I just had my third set of scans since I started on the seliciclib trial, and things are still stable!! I have been on the medication, I think, for five months now. It is possible that I am getting the placebo, but the results I am getting would suggest otherwise, as I have never experienced this kind of stability before. Prior to this trial, on and off treatment, I was always considered stable, but with a little bit of progression. At this point, the cancer seems to have stopped dead in its tracks!

I find that I am more stressed about scans as time goes by. I didn't realize how stressed how I was this time until I burst into tears when my doctor told me the news. Sometimes I just feel like there is this big clock out there, just ticking away until it's time for this ugly disease to flare up.

In the meantime I just keep living life.


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I am soo very happy that this is working for you. This is the reason I advocate beeing involved in trials!! Because you are a pioneer researching a CURE FOR LUNG CANCER!!!!!!

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Thank you so much--not just for sharing your good news, but also for participating in the seliciclib trial.

Your good news (probably working, probably not placebo) is, of course, good news for all of us--news that yet another good drug may be approved soon.


Life is a Terminal Condition

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WOW Tracy. That is just so awesome..I hope you have not only stopped it dead in it's tracks, but that it goes into retreat mode soon and just gives up on you! This is really just so nice to see and so full of HOPE. Continued best wishes to you and your young family.


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Take a big breath. I can feel your anxiety. This is fantastic news and I agree that it sounds like you are getting the real stuff... better than that.. It sounds like the real stuff is working for you. I hope you feel well. Know that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers , always. Go enjoy that beautiful family of yours.



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I'm late to jump in on this (I thought I had already replied, but I guess I didn't), but I'm so happy this trial is working for you! Keep up the good test results and enjoy your successes!


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