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Advice for surgery for spine mets


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Good afternoon all. I met with my medical oncologist today. Most of you know that I have spine mets and have recently completed 2 big blasts of radiation. I am still in a fair bit of pain and doc says it will be possibly some weeks until I feel better and even then it may be that I have fractured something. She said there are a few surgical options for me:

One where they go in with a needle and put in some cement type stuff to stabilize the bone. And another more invasive procedure where they cut and actually go in and put in a few pins to stabilize the bones. I am not terribly enamored with either option at this point and am praying for pain relief in the next few weeks. I simply cannot go on like this, but on the other hand I am so scared of the surgery and being dependent and well "disabled" by it.

I will also be starting Zometa infusions (done at hospital versus cancer clinic) to strengthen my bones.

Has anyone experienced similar procedures? And what can you tell me about recovery and how helpful or debilitating they were? Would you do it over again if you needed to?

I will be getting a scan in a few weeks to find out how we did with radiation. But needless to say I am very scared about those results.

thanks in advance for your help and positive thoughts

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I don't have any experience with the surgery after radiation for spine mets but I have a friend locally that just had the procedure that put cement into the holes in the spine.

She wasn't having any pain prior to the surgery, the doc just said that they should fill the hole BEFORE it becomes a big problem if it collapses later. The procedure was pretty tough on her.

I will see if I can get her to send you more specifics personally.

I hope you are soon feeling better.


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I have no surgery experience or advice, but I wanted to just let you know my thoughts and big hugs are with you. I know the kind of pain you're in. I had a compression fracture in July and could barely move. I had to use a wheelchair to get from my bedroom to the family room. I was also on a bunch of morphine. I didn't have radiation, but the pain did get much better after 2 chemos. Now, my fracture looks like it is healing finally because there is no cancer on that spot anymore and my back pain is now very mild. I wish you the best in your treatment.


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Have no real experience with either of those surgeries (my neighbor had the cement thing done and did well with it), but just wanted to let you know that I am rooting for you. Hoping the pain stops and there are no fractures and that you won't need either of the surgeries.

Hugs, my friend - Patti B.

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