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Jerry's latest update, Updated...


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Hi Again...

Before I get into the latest update, I just wanted to say thank you so much to those who have replied to me and offered advice, information and just overall support. I have always tried my best to be here and offer up what I could to those in need and never really thought I would be here needing to actually get back what I have tried to put in. I know that I have not always agreed with everyone and I am more than well aware that not everyone has agreed with me, but we are here for the same common goal; to support and offer hope and help. So to those who have been here, not just for me, but for everyone I say THANK YOU.

Ok, I tried to put an update together last night but I was so worn out and Mom was just exhausted both mentally and physically. I was having trouble putting words together and making sense and she was even worse.

Jerry has been admitted to the hospital as of yesterday. He was, once again, severely dehydrated and was physically unable to have the bronchoscopy done. The doctor at first wanted to send him back to the ER and then HOME.. Fortunately that was shot down IMMEDIATELY and he was admitted.

Mom said that the doctor was shocked at how much Jerry has deteriorated so she pointed out to him that we have been waiting for SIX WEEKS now to get things going. He had no real excuse for that. From that point on Mom said there had been a steady stream of doctors and specialists in and out. She said the oncologist is a lady and they ALL liked her a lot. She wants to fight this and that is exactly what Jerry wants to do. At one point the first doctor actually said to my Mom, in front of Jerry that maybe she ought to consider doing nothing and letting him call in Hospice. Jerry managed to shout out at the guy NO!!! JUST GET THIS MOVING AND LET ME FIGHT!!! (I think this doctor should be slapped up side the head a few times...)

This morning the ear, nose and throat specialist is coming to evaluate the breathing/swallowing/talking issues. There is also a full body scan scheduled but Mom was not sure if it is a CAT scan or a PET scan. She only got that they are now worried about the liver.

As for the biopsy.. if they do not think that the bronchoscopy is feasible for today they will be doing a needle biopsy so we can get things rolling treatment wise. Once they determine the type of LC they will begin the chemo and/or radiation ASAP.

Mom did inquire about the feeding tube as did Jerry's son. The doctor said that IS a very good possibility but for right now, with all the scans and tests etc on tap, he wanted to hold off for right now. Being that they do have an IV in him now and he IS able to somewhat handle a clear liquid diet they are not immediately concerned about the feeding tube issue. Mom is going to keep that option wide open though and the doctor is aware of that.

So, I hope to have more definitive information later today.

Again, your thoughts, prayers and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated and I am passing all of this on to Mom each day.

Hugs and my deepest appreciation to you all,


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Hi Christine. I am so glad to hear the ball is finally rolling and hopefully everyone will start to feel a bit better soon.

Thanks to you as well for all the past and current support you have provided on this site. We may not always agree, but we are all here for the same reason.


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I am so glad Jerry is in the hospital and is FINALLY getting some attention. Hopefully they can get treatment started sooner rather than later and he will get some relief. In the meantime I hope you can relax a little knowing that he is in the hospital and the drs are aware of what is going on.

Keep us posted, in the meantime the prayers continue.


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Hi Everyone,

Well I THINK this is progress.. Mom said Jerry actually was eating today, although not a lot, it was more than he had been able to do before. He remains on the IV and tomorrow there is a conference scheduled with 3 of his 4 doctors. I am just guessing it will be his oncologist, pulmonary doctor and his radiologist.

The main doctor is using sputum to get the information about the type of lung cancer and treatment will begin PROBABLY by Thursday. Anyone have any information about this sputum test????

The ear, nose and throat doctor was in this morning and did a full exam and determined that there is no cancer in the throat, BUT the vocal cords are paralyzed, perhaps from being pinched. Also, they did an ultrasound on his legs that came back OK apparently as nothing was mentioned about it. ****The ultrasound was to check for blood clots in his legs as he has not been able to walk in several days. They came back fine.*****

While she was there today, a social worker came in to talk with her. Mom said they are (FINALLY) making arrangements to get some equipment brought to the house so that when he goes home, Mom can take care of him a bit easier. She said they are getting a wheel chair as well as a commode and a shower chair for him as well as getting his Ensure and all the meds brought in and kept stocked for her.

Another VA representative came in today, too and brought Jerry a really nice blanket and some other paperwork about his rights (laughing here). Mom is not letting her guard down though as right now things are going in the right direction, we sure don't want to lose this momentum now.

One of these days I will be able to post in the right forum for the type of LC we are dealing with. Until then, thank you for your patience and your thoughts, prayers and support. We appreciate it all so very much...

Warm hugs


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Hey Chris - well it finally sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I hope your mom can relax and let her guard down soon as she has more than enough on her plate without having to take a bulldog stance with the VA system!!

Praying that things continue moving along and they take care of Jerry and get this all sorted out. Don't forget to take care of yourself too!

Hugs, Linda

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