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Working While Surviving Lung Cancer


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In reading all of the posts it seems that we have all done what felt right to us. When it is done with that feeling then the decision is right. I decided long ago that I would not go back and rehash my decisions, it serves no good. In a post I read when I first started coming to this one and others was about going back and changing the way you did something in the past. It was about smoking. But, you know what I would not want to change a darn thing in what I did. Good or bad I made the decisions and some good things came out of doing something that was considered wrong. Looking and moving forward is the only thing I can do.

Be Well


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I would really love to return to work full-time -- I'm a reference librarian in a public library -- but I'm not sure I'm up to it. I've been working part-time in July and it's pretty tiring. Fortunately my husband has lots ot time off so he's been taking care of the house, shopping, meals, etc. even the dishes as our dishwasher broke last week.

This week I'll try full-time and see how it goes. Then I'll be on vacation next week to recover -- some friends have lent us their house in Vermont.

I really love what I do -- this is my fourth and final career -- and would hate to give it up. My boss is willing to have me part-time and I can take early retirement if I need to.

Luckily money is not an issue. My husband makes a good salary and has just accepted a 4 1/2 year early retirement buyout which includes salary, medical insurance and pension credit. As he is only 60, he doesn't want to retire completely and will probably pick-up some part-time consulting work.

I have been on paraplatin/avastin/alimta every 2 weeks since the end of May. I have tolerated it pretty well but it does take a toll. My onc wants to do another 3 months but I may be able to talk him into every 3 weeks instead of 2. That should help.

I was driving myself to work when I was part-time but I don't feel ready yet to hit the roads after an 8 hour day. My husband's winding down schedule will allow hime to be my chauffeur (sp?).

Anyway, though I have never considerd myself a Type A workaholic, more like a Type Z laid back, lazy person, I really do miss my job -- my colleagues, my customers, the work itself and hope I can keep doing it.


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