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Getting to Know You - June 10


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Ann, this topic is so tempting... but there are SO many to choose from... I don't know where to start..

I thought the strangest was a woman that I used to work with that used blue eyeliner around her lips becasue some guy in a bar had told her it looked good 10 years previously and who wore 2 differnt shoes and 2 different earrings every day. But then I thought of the person who came in to say her aunt was kidnapped by aliens the day before.. then the girl who was late to work and when I asked why, she said she had run into her ex-husband. The police showed up shortly, turns out she had run INTO her ex, multiple times. Then there was the woman who came to work with *itch carved into her stomach upside down and said that she was possessed and someone inside was carving the names. Then there was a manager who hit a deer on the way home and loaded it into a truck because it was still alive and kept it in her utility room overnight, brought it back to life with mouth to mouth 3 times. Same person dropped her grandmother in the storm shelter and broke her collarbone and took 3 days to manage to get her back out.

Call centers tend to attract ummmm different people - I could go on and on - its just so hard to pick the strangest.

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