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Dad was admitted tonite....


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My dad was admitted to the hospital tonite... He didn't get out of bed at all today... The doctor came over to check on him and suggested he go to the hospital so they could control his pain... His chest is hurting him bad.... He's hardly awake at all... Which I guess could be blamed on the meds... He oftern times even falls asleep while eating.... Things are terrible right now... OHH HOW I WISH HE WERE HOME AND PAIN FREE AND SET TO GO TO WORK AGAIN TOMORROW MORNING.... but alas, THY WILL BE DONE!!! Please pray for him tonite.. God Bless you all....


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DO NOT let this few months to live crab get in to you....They are not God's...my father was given WEEKS!!! and that was back in July but he is still here well and good living not as before yese but he is fighting... FIGHT and be a fighter inside out and all around and you'd be amazed how you will affect him and how things get better

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I am so sorry your dad is in the hospital and has to experience such pain. My mother went into the hospital the day before your dad because of pain also. It took all day but they finally got her under control. I understand what you are going through. I know how hard it is. Please hang in there. I will pray for your dad.


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