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Antioxidant or Multi-vitamins ?????


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SUGGESTIONS for people battling LC:

AVOID anything containing beta carotene.

Selenium & Co-Enzyme Q-10 have both shown positive potentials in legitimate academic research studies.


(And men over 40 should not take supplemental iron, for cardiac reasons.)

Jim (NSCLC:1999)

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Guest Michael

"The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportioned to how long you will live"

Visit website www.4nutrition.com. On the left of the page CLICK on "Nutrients & Medical Therapy." Read very carefully. You need both vitamins and antioxidants. When looking for information about supplements and nutrition it's best to visit a nutritionist or read a book written by a nutritionist especially one who specializes in cancer patients. Doctors and cancer patients know very little about this subject so go to the experts. I would no longer place all my trust and confidence in doctors and conventional therapies.

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