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Radiation Has begun


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Jerry had his first radiation treatment yesterday and then was taken over to Albany Medical Center where he underwent the procedure to drain the fluid from around his heart. He also has a drain in place now and is breathing much easier. From what Mom could figure out they also did the biopsy on the adrenal gland while he was there. Apparently they felt it was an easier and safer way to get a sample from there than trying to get to the lungs. After Albany Med got the drain in, he was sent back to the VA Hospital.

Jerry had already spoken to the doctors and signed all of the papers giving his consent, being of sound mind, and making the decision ON HIS OWN, to do the radiation and he also has given consent for the chemo.

Mom had copies of some of the reports and they read, in part, as follows..

Inoperable Lung Cancer, type unknown. Lymph node involvement

Large tumor on right adrenal gland, upper abdomen

several smaller spots on both lungs

abnormal fluid in and around heart sac

abnormal puddling in bottom of both lungs

tumor obstructing airway and involving airway

Treatment will include but not be exclusive to, radiation to the tumors in the lungs and lymph nodes.

It still needs to be determined what type of LC he has before the chemo treatments can be discussed and put into place but we ARE, finally, doing something!

Mom said he was eating again, although not a lot last night and was drinking lots of Ensure. This is absolutely, positively a roller coaster ride right now and we are all just holding on tight and hoping and praying for the best....

I'll update again after I talk to Mom tonight.

Hugs to all


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Jerry went back to Albaby Medical Center yesterday morning and had a biopsy done. Mom was unclear as to what was biopsied but said he has a patch on his back about half way down in the center. She said the nurse told her they had done a needle biopsy and that the results should be back in a day or 2.

Overall, he was breathing better and was picking at some food but was doing well on drinking the Ensures. Mom said his color was MUCH better as well. He does have what sounds like a nasty bed sore that they are trying to clear up now. Not too surprising as he has not been able to be out of bed since mid May.

Thanks for the continued good wishes and prayers. I really am hoping that we are on the right track now.... FINGERS CROSSED!!!



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Chris - breathing better, better color, and drinking the Ensure is a much better place than a very short while ago. I am so happy that Jerry is starting to feel better. Hopefully they can get that nasty bed sore healed up in a hurry and that won't be an issue. Is your mom taking care of herself too? And you?

Keeping you all in my prayers and crossing every body part that is able to be crossed!

Warm wishes,


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Hi everyone and thanks so much for the prayers and support. Jerry had a good weekend, was comfortable and did well eating and drinking Ensure. His color is much better and the fluid drain has slowed down substatially.

I will talk to Mom later and get the latest update on things but wanted to check in and say thank you all so much...

Love and Hugs


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