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A Little Less of Me - Checking In.


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Hey everybody, thought I'd pop by and give an update. Mom had scans a few weeks ago and they were all clear. She continues to do remarkably well and impresses everyone. She got fired from her job - first time she has ever in her life been fired and it has devastated her. However, it simply was a case of discrimination against her. Her doctor advised her employer of problems she would likely have with memory, vision, and climbing stairs, etc., due to the combined effects of the lobectomy and chemo. The place of business had no handicap parking, required her to climb a set of stairs multiple times a day, refused to give her a larger monitor (they had her using a 13 inch monitor), and then finally they began giving her a hard time for using sticky notes to jot down things she needed to remember. Things escalated and then they fired her. She cried her eyes out for days.

So she is filing a complaint against them and taking some time to relax before she hits the grind again, but she is fine. We're so thankful for her and the recovery she's experienced.

As for me, I have lost a total of 117 pounds since January of this year. (See pictures below). I am also very happy to say that I did not smoke once during all the trauma I went through; though it was tempting. It's now been over 14 months since I have had a cigarette and between that and the weight loss, I feel simply incredible! The first few weeks were terrible and I regretted it so bad, but then I began to notice the differences in my body - the clothes hanging off of me, the better ability I had to walk and do things, the restful sleep, and the many other things I've already experienced. It made it ALL worthwhile! I am on an incredible adventure and I'm lovin' it! I hope this finds you all doing well, enjoying life, and being blessed. I am forever grateful to this board for the support I have always found here. Cancer related and otherwise.


February of this year


On the organ at church this past Sunday. They're threatening to take me shopping for a suit that fits, since that one is hanging off of me!

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Look at YOU!!! Omigosh -- what a transformation! You rock. Keep up the good work and get a new suit kiddo -- just kidding. Congratulations on your huge success with the weight loss and the no smoking. Glad to hear your Mom is stable, but sad that this discrimination has resulted in the job loss. Hope things get better for her.

Take care my little friend :wink: ,


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Mitchelll, look at you... WOW, you are shrinking and looking good. I'm happy for you and proud of you. Not smoking is a huge accomplishment in itself ( I quit little over 5 years ago). You Go Mitch!!!

Great news about your mom's scans , but it makes me angry to think of how she was treated at her job. I hope she finds something that is just perfect for her.

Want you to know that you and your mom will stay in my prayers. Please keep us updated. Keep up the great job.



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YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! You have to tell me your secret.. How are you losing weight?

I am sorry to hear about your mom's job. Some people have no concern for others and their needs.

I truly believe things happen for a reason and I know this is the case here. In the long run it's probably better that she is out that nasty environment.

I didn't know that you played the organ and YES it is time for a new suit (LOL).

Keep on keeping on!

God Bless!


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Great to hear from you Marshall--you are looking so good and it is good to hear that you are FEELING good!

I suspect your mom will find a new job that she will love. Sometimes we need a push out of a bad situation. Not that it makes it any easier, but I'm crossing my fingers that she ends up in a far better job!


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Mitch - I sure am glad that you checked in - I was wondering how things were going with you and your mom.

First off, sorry about your mom and the job situation. It sounds like blatant prejudice to me and downright uncaring of the company. I am sure that the situation will be resolved and she will be declared the winner in this fight. However, more importantly ... she is a definite winner already! Yeah, way to go on the great scans :) ! Truthfully, this is the fight that really matters and she is winning by a knock out. I am so happy for both of you at this wonderful news.

Now you - you look fantastic! I can almost hear the spring in your step in your words. I know you had a rough go of it at first and I am so happy that it was all worth it in the end. It is great that you didn't smoke during the bad times - not smoking will be a struggle for awhile, but for me each year got better and better. I can't even remember being a smoker now and wouldn't go back to it if someone paid me!!! You have accomplished much in such a small amount of time and you should be so proud of yourself - I sure am proud of you (as I am sure your mom is).

Take care of yourself and keep in touch when you can..I love hearing the good news on both you and your mom.

Warm regards,


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Wow Wow Wow, what an incredible journey you have taken.

Congrat's on not smoking, we all know how tough that can be. Add to it the surgery and lifestyle changes related to it - you are one tough cookie.

Thanks for checking in!

Give your mom a huge and let her know we are behind here.


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Hi Mitch-

Hey, someone turn on the fan, its getting HOT in here!!! WOW - you look GREAT!!!!!

Sorry that your mom had to go through BS with her job, but she definitely rocked her scans and thats the all-important thing right now!!

Keep us posted on how you are doing!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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So good to see you and get an update. You look wonderful! I would love to hear you play the organ sometime. Sorry about your mom's job situation. Happy to hear the good news about her scans. Take care and keep us posted.

Your Knoxville area supporter,


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So happy for your mom's results and for your success! You deserve to feel very proud of yourself for the weight loss AND not smoking while doing it. Sorry about your mom's job, but I bet something better awaits her...they didn't sound like very sympathetic employers. Keep up the good work! You look so happy in your baggy suit! :wink:

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Mitch, Welthy used my exact words when I saw your new pics: Look at YOU! Congratulations on your personal triumphs. Awesome. And I'm so happy for your mom and her great test results. I'm glad she's filing a complaint for the blatant harrassment in the face of her medical issues. I've always said people get away with that stuff because other people allow them too.

Continue on your positive course--both you and your mom.

Judy in Key West

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Thank you everyone. Mom will be fine; she's proven how tough she is over and over. She's enjoying her little vacation right now. I expect loneliness to kick in next week though. Everyone else will be working and I will be gone to our church youth camp to be a chaperone. Somehow they've wrangled me into innertubing, a small nature hike, and a scavenger hunt! Things I couln't even attempt six months ago!

I was going to post a couple of other pictures that I think show off the weight loss. I was wearing the same suit, so the difference is very notable. I love looking at these! Thank you all for the awesome support and encouragement. I feel great and I'm enjoying this adventure wholeheartedly.

Also, Jamie. I am hesitant about even posting this, because I know you're an excellent music teacher, but I've been playing piano and organ since I was about nine. I only play in church but it is one of my greatest passions. I love it. Here's a youtube video of my church during our time of prayer for the sick. It's not professionally mixed, so over look that but you can hear me playing the organ pretty well on this one.

March 2008


June 2, 2008


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Hi Mitchell,

I was wondering how you were doing. I asked Randy for your blog but it was not updated.

So glad you posted and relieved that you are feeling so much better then when you started your journey.

You look marvelous!!! Keep us posted with updated pics.

Also, so sorry about your moms employment. I hope things work out for her with the suit. She certainly seems like she has a good case.

Keep us posted and thanks for cheicking in. Glad your mom's scans were good!

Maryanne :wink:

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Soooo proud of you...killing two birds with one stone is awesome....Keep up the good work...you are looking great....love that smile...You have something to smile about...Happy your Mom is doing well and everthing lookin good....Kudo's to you and your Mom...


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Hi Mitch.... Mitch??.... MITCHELL!!! Where are you buddy? :D

Baggy is beautiful. You keep hold of that suit, to remind yourself of what you've accomplished already.

I'm so happy for you.

Sorry about your Mom's job, but happy about her scan results.

Things will work out for her, I'm sure. She has to be a great lady--look at the son she's raised!

Have a good time on the Youth Group trip. Sounds like you'll be busy.

Thanks for the update. Been wondering about you!


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