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And here I go Again!!

Patti B

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Scan on Monday, results Tuesday morning. As always, I am a nervous wreck. I have been coughing more and I am hurting more than usual altho I have been doing a lot of yard work which may contrinute to that.

As some of you know, I NEVER tell my husband in advance that I am having a scan since he is gone all week and driving a 75-foot long car carrier. Well, he is on strike this week and probably will be on strike again next week. Don't want to tell him yet and ruin his Fathers Day and who knows, maybe they will go back on Monday!! So I guess I will wait until I go for the scan Monday to tell him.

I guess I am also being superstitious because this is how long I was on Avastin before progression started. I have been on Alimta now since October. With all the side effects I am having, I still really, really want to stay on it.

If anyone has a spare prayer, could you please send it my way?? I just feel that I have had it too easy since my diagnosis compared to some of the problems I read about on this forum and maybe my luck is about to run out. I am afraid the other shoe is about to fall.......


Patti B.

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(((Patti))) - sending up lots of prayers for a good scan on Monday. I can't say don't worry, because I know you will.

Perhaps a glass of wine would help? It doesn't really help me mentally, but it does relax me just a little (especially after the 6th glass- :lol: )

All kidding aside, I really pray that all turns out well on Monday. Please keep us posted.

Hugs, Linda

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Patti wishing you all the best for your results on Tuesday. A few members including myself, received great scan results last week and we know that you are going to continue that good news next week. Sending you lots of prayers from up north.

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Just wanted to wish you luck Patti, I know exactly how you feel. I always felt that Tarceva was going to stop working for me every scan, it is terrifying.

I will send you every positive thought I can all the way from down here.

Best of luck,


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Good Monday morning Patti. I hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world. Lots and lots of prayers for you my friend. Hey, it is summer, and you should be out there dancing in your lovely garden in your bare feet! Don't put any shoes on to drop...dip them in the pool instead! I am mustering all the positive energy I can for you, both today, and tomorrow. Your friend


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