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I took notice today of greeting cards received by Tom over the years. His kids have always sent funny cards for all occasions. Now this being the first card holiday for him since his diagnosis he is receiving sappy cards saying how much he is loved and appreciated etc. It is nice to voice it or write it down but why now. Tom likes the funny cards and it seems to give him a pick me up. He is uncomfortable with the demonstrative sappy love stuff.

Anyone else have this happen?


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Dave's has only one daughter alive and yes we got a sappy card but the funny thing here is we for many many years got none! She is many many miles away and better about calling now, too little too late in my opinion but her dad seems to usually appreciate it no matter what!

Hope Tom has a great Father's Day, Dave is not doing so well and I am just hoping for a quiet day.


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It happened with us too. I will admit I did it myself...I mean I did it before my dad's dx., but only on holidays...but I sent cards to him almost weekly after his dx. and I SAW him everyday! HA! (I know- overboard is my middle name)

It's one thing, an act in all of this, that we can control...and the cards are a sign of affection. Of course my cards weren't just for holidays, they were cards offering encouragment and hope and some funny and silly ones in the mix too....I never knew if it bothered my dad- he was always appreciative. In a world of e-mail, text messages and cell phones- sometimes it's great to open a "real" letter. And sometimes there's nothing to look forward to in a patients day, than the mailman's delivery.

If the types of cards (sappy ones) really bother Tom, let the others know that some funny-pick-me-up ones are the kind he needs right now.

Sometimes our loved ones don't have the words to say what's in their hearts and a card is the easiest way for them to express it.

I hope Tom gets many more cards for MANY MANY more years to come- of all kinds!


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Tony got Mass cards :shock: -- but they were greatly appreciated.

Yes, I guess you are right, there began to be a mix of funny and serious cards. People began expressing deeper sentiments, because everyone knew this wasn't going to have a happy ending. It's what they need to do and they aren't thinking of how it might affect Tom. I'm sure they don't mean any harm, but it's not about them, it's about Tom. Have a chat with the kidins.

Happy Father's Day to him.


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I've been getting both kinds of cards since my dx (sappy and funny), and although I admit that personally I prefer the funny, I also appreciate the depth of the love that caused some formerly "funny" card senders to turn "sappy" this last year. As a result, I can't possibly get upset with them for trying to show il.


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