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Introducing myself


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I just registered for this site so am still learning my way around. I may have introduced myself several times already-HA! My name is Vickie and I live in Southern California. I manage a large real estate firm as a career. I am married and the mother of two adult daughters and grandmother to the world's cutest little girl (18 months).

I am a caregiver for my husband, Don who was diagnosed Stage IIIb or Stage IV in January 2007. He did one round of chemo (Carboplatin, Taxtere, Avastin) followed by Avastin only. Then, CT Scan in January showed regrowth of tumor so just finished a second round (Gemzar, Navelbine and Avastin). Oncologist has given him the whole summer off as he has responded well but needs to gather a little strength and enjoy some beach time. His bigger issue right now is COPD. He had a bad cold in April and has had severe shortness of breath since. He's working with a respiratory therapist and we are hopeful that he'll gather some strength soon.

After 18 months, we are feeling pretty strong. It hasn't been as bad as we imagined it would be but sure hasn't been any picnic either.I am interested in corresponding with other caregivers either to be a friend who has been there or to reach those more experienced who might be willing to be my friend as we progress further.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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Welcome Vickie, although I am so sorry you have to join such a forum on behalf of your husband.

I haven't experienced anything like your husband, but trust me, there will be others checking in that have, and will be able to identify with your journey.

I will keep your hubby in my thoughts that his breathing issues are resolved quickly. Enjoy the beach time - sounds relaxing!


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Hi Vickie. Welcome to this site. I am sure you will find other members here who are familiar with the treatments your husband has received. There may be other members here from your area as well. This journey can be difficult but it is good to hear that it has not been as bad as you had anticipated. Take care and please keep us updated on how things are going.

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I love the number 13. I was born on that day, and have always considered it lucky. ; )

First, three and a half years ago, I was a stumbling, bumbling idiot as far as lung cancer went.

I jumped in after my husband was diagnosed with Stage IIIB lung cancer after having had a pulmonologist "drop the ball."

It resulted in a delayed diagnosis, and an inoperable lung cancer.

As far as I am concerned, he is probably doing the same to other people as I write. This pains me, terribly.

Bill would not allow me to bring him to the attention of the medical community. He was fearful of doctors being too afraid to treat him.

Well, we are here, now Stage IV, and living our lives. It is not as it was before, but it isn't so bad.

I used to think that all of this depended on doctors. It really depends on knowledge, doctors, AND us. So much went by the boards in seeking help for lung cancer - sad.

I wish you the very best, and I wish you being an advocate for your husband. He will be dependent upon you and your advocacy. I believe that is paramount in all of this.

My fear from the beginning had a lot to do with feeling helpless. When I found help, my fear lessened and I was able to give Bill, my husband, a reason to hope.

Hang onto hope,


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Welcome to our board. I am glad you found us but sorry you have a need to be here. My husband was also diagnosed at stage IIIb. I hope the break helps your husband regain his strength. We are all here to help and listen-- so just ask away.

Again- welcome


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