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This is "Holy Ear", the dominant female squirrel of my back yard. Here, she is fussing at me because I opened the back door and interupted her packing off the pecans I put there for her. This is about s close as she's ever let me get to her. She'll let me get to within about 15 feet of her in the yard and then run.


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In this picture, my granddaughter, Madison is dressed like some kind of little gangsta and fixing to shoot this basket ball. The neighbor's kid, Jeffery is bouncing the other basket ball around her. My oldest grandson, Madison's brother, Clayton is the one with his back to the camera and sitting on the ground leaning on one hand. Clayton and Madison are Zephie's children. Clayton is 12 and Madison is 8. Clayton is also in the front row, just left of center in the baseball team picture from above.


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This is Pat's dad, sitting at the table at Zephie's house. The presents are for Madison's eighth birthday. Mr. Dencil is patiently waiting for everybody to do their thing. He misses Mrs. Dorothy so badly. I truly believe he pleads for God to take him home every day so he can be with her.


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