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Visted Dad today...


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Visted my dad today in the hospital. I'm at work now, I'm heading back to the hospital when I'm done at 7.

He was pretty tired. I assume the meds are really hitting him hard and making him so tired??? He still has the pain, which is still the same as yesterday. They're putting him on a pain pump tomorrow, which apparently is for him to be able to administer a shot of pain med when he feels he needs it most??? I'm not to sure about that really. But hopefully it subsides the pain...

So whats next??? Will they try to stablize the pain,,, so that he can come home again pain free??? I heard that the first priority is to get ride of the pain... The next is to treat the cancer... What if the pain is too much??? I pray that the doctors and nurses are able to ease his pain... to make him comfortable... so he can come home and be able to consider more treatment... right now, he's not even thinking about that... I wish this terrible beast would release my father and bring him back to me... Our hope and prayers lie with God... His will be done...


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I am so sorry that your father is having such a hard time right now. Spend all the time you can with him. Even if it appears he is not quiet here because of the meds, talk to him. He will hear you and believe it or not, he will know and understand what you are telling him.

You are in my prayers. I know how hard this is on you. My son's have gone through this with their Dad too. Just talk to him, let him know you love and care for him.

Take care of business and of yourself.

Much love,


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I'm sorry your dad is in such pain still. I'm sure they will get his pain under control-I know it's never quick enough. My mother is still in the hospital also and just last night the pain was finally gone. Her head was so foggy though because of the level of morphine they had to go to. They are now lowering the level, but tonight some of the pain started to return. It is so hard to watch....believe me I know!

My thought are with you and your dad.


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Dearest Adam,

I sure know how you are feeling, my father was in so much pain because of his spine that it made his eyes pop out at times...and they did radiate that area.....pain only started to wear off after a week....very slowly but it was easing off.......I'm writing this to tell you something in advance maybe its a bit early but i dont want you struggling like i did.

After a month of radiating the spine things got better.....he has a stiff back cant bend like before...pain do come occasionally....dont make him move a lot specially the first weeks...another thing.....low red cell count... Spine is a major area of blood production so feed him food that affect blood count.....such as broccoli...spinash...parcely (with carrot juice tastes good) salads and salads and more salad... pure red meat...fish... No oily stuff no fried stuff... eggs whites good in protien.

I hope i helped...i hope your father wont need all of this but its never bad to be aware from now!

My heart goes out for you and everyone here

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