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Sorry it has been so long since I logged in or posted but I have been busy taking care of my new grandson! Born 4/23/08 Brandon Jay Wiley (named after his pawpaw Jay), and helping my son thru a messy divorce.

My fil has had 2 cycles of chemo and has 1 more radiation treatment of a 7 wk cycle to go. He has done remarkably well, no N&V from chemo. 1 episode of an irreg. hr and chest pain in his 2nd week of radiation. He has had difficulty eating but keeps trying! They have put his chemo on hold to let his body rest from the radiation. The last few weeks he has been very tired, doesn't feel like doing much of anything.

My sil and fil saw the radiation oncologist yesterday to see where we stand and they were told that they would do another chest ct in 3 months, that the radiation continues to work for that long. He also stated he would not do another pet scan until 1 yr from the time he had his 1st one (Jan). Now it took 3 mos to get a positive biopsy and the onc says he does not know how lg the primary tumor was when he started rad. in April. I just wanted to get a general concensus , is this the norm? It seems like an awful long time to wait especially since they knew that it was already in the lymph nodes in Jan.

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