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Scans results on one year survivor.

paul verdon

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Hi Everyone

We had the results of Michaels pet/ct scans this morning after 6 treatments of Alimta, and the last three treatments had Avastin added. This is such good news for us on his one year living with LC and here is what was the scans showed.

The original lung tumor is now smaller than when it was found one year ago.

The bone metastases are stable.

The bad lymph node shrunk a little.

The left flank tumor shrunk a little.

Basically the CT conclusion was decreasing lung tumor, stable bone metastases in the chest, abdomen and pelvis, and stable left subcutaneous metastases.

The PET scan still shows activity on the right shoulder blade, but the CT cannot even measure it and this is a stable condition from the last scan.

There is partial overall improvement in activity, with the exception of the spinal mets, which are stable, and a slight increase in one spot.

As you can see we are so greatful for such good results for a stage IV condition!


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Belated congratulations (I'm still playing catchup from last week's down time)!

I know it would seem crazy to some to be celebrating "stable" (as vs. NED), but as you wrote, for a Stage IV, this is great news! (Heck, "stable" works for any stage so far as that goes! :D)

Have a great summer!


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