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Our own little scanxiety-UPDATED 06-27-08

Larry's Wife

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Took Larry in for bloodwork this morning. He was so wobbly, the receptionist took one look at him and squeezed him in to see the doctor. The doctor took one look at him and scheduled him for an MRI. We left the office and went straight to the hospital.

What should have taken us 15 minutes took us 3 hours. A blessing in disguise, I guess. This scan wasn't supposed to happen for another month, but I'd already begun thinking about it. Now, it will be what it will be. And Larry...well, he's not nearly as wobbly as he was this morning!


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Lynn, Here's hoping for the best possible results for Larry. I agree it's better to find out what's going on if your intuition is telling you all may not be well. Here's hoping it something very manageable.

Judy in Key West

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Lynn - Larry is the second person this week that has had unexpected tests done and that has to send you for a loop when you haven't had time to mentally prepare for them. Thankfully though they were able to get him in for an MRI that quickly.

Is there any chance his blood sugar was low and that is why he was wobbly? Just hoping that there are more benign reasons for his being wobbly.

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for good results tomorrow.

Take care,


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We got the MRI report today. Larry has innumerable brain metastases and edema on the right side. He was so weak this morning that he didn't want to go see the doctor to ask some very important questions, nor is he interested in talking about the report and its ramifications with me. So, we still have our appointment for gemzar on Wed. the 25th, which includes a meeting with our doc.

Meanwhile, we have doubled his decadron dose and added Antivert for his vertigo. He does seem to be a little more stable in his gait this evening. His appetite is still good, but he does seem to be a bit slow in understanding what we are saying.

Anyway, we are praying that he will get stronger in the next few days so we can decide on a course of action for this turn of events.

P.S. None of us (the girls and I ) are surprised by this news, but we're devastated all the same.

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oh my gosh Lynn. I am so saddened to hear this. It just completely sucks. I don't even know what to say and cannot even imagine how everyone must be feeling. Crap I hate this disease. Tons of prayers for you, Larry and family tonight. I pray for strength for you and all to get through this the best way you can. And I pray that something can be done to help. Prayers, prayers, prayers...your news has just really hit me after my week. I thank god that we are all here to support each other. Take really good care


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