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CT Scan Results

Joe B

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Hi All, Just wanted to update everyone on my latest tests. The CT of the lungs shows it looks like the tarceva has stopped working and there was some progression of the bi-lateral lung nodules.

So....... we are working with my oncologist at the University of Michigan to determine next steps.

Most likely I will start Alimta. We They would scan again after 2 or 3 cycles (6 or 9 weeks) to see if it's knocking things back or returning stability.

We are also researching clinical trials and seeking second opinions on options from (Karmanos here in Detroit) Any thoughts on Alimta or other options is appreciated.

Joe B

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Joe -

I have just had my 13th cycle of Alimta and so far stable. I have recently had some swelling in my feet that they "think" is caused by the Alimta. The main side effects of Alimta are fatugue and SOB. The SOB mostly affects me when doing steps and I am still out working the garden, etc. so it hasn't slowed me down that much.

Hope that either Alimta or a clinical trial is your magic bullet!!! Good luck and please keep us posted as to what you decide on. Feel free to PM me if you need any more info on Alimta.

Hugs - Patti B.

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HI Joe,

I have just been dealt the same hand as you. After 3 successive years on Tarceva it has stopped working and I just had my first infusion of Alimta. It seems to agree with me because I haven't felt ill or tired from it. From all I could research this seemed to be the best option for me. I could have gone on a clinical trial but it was placebo based and with progression I just wouldn't risk it.

All the best to you,


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I am sorry to hear that Tarceva has stopped working. But, it seems you have your plan of action together. Stay on top of it Joe!!!

Your strength and positive attitude amazes and inspires me!!!

God Bless You!!


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Hi, Joe.

Sorry the Tarceva's not working, but it is common for oncologists to recommend Alimta as the next choice for a 2nd line treatment, as it has been found in research studies (including several presented at the June 2008 ASCO conference) to have good response rates for both adenocarcinoma and BAC (see also Dr. West's recent posts on this subject at cancergrace.org).

My best to you and your family.


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