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She died peacefully


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My mama is gone now. She died pecefully on Tuesday morning about 6:30 AM with both me and my sister holding one of her hands. We gave her the last bath after she had passed.

The following is copy and paste from e-mails. Yesterday afternoon mama's blood pressure began to drop. I told my sister mama was probably going to pass on to heaven. We stayed with her last night. It is the first time that two of us stayed. We had the nurse to come in and take the blood pressure ever hour and a half and wake us if we were asleep to tell us what the blood pressure, temp, and respiration's were. About 10 last night mama raised a fever of 101.8 and the nurse wanted to do a suppository for the fever. We said NO.

Around 5 this morning the respiration's became about 16 seconds apart. I got up and sat on the side of my bed and watched mama breath. I got up and fixed me some coffee and pulled a chair by mama's bed and sat by her and held her hand.

At 6:15 the alarm went off on the oxy machine. We had already moved the thing from toe to toe finger to finger as each one turned cold and would no longer register. This was the last hand to switch it to, I pulled it off her finger, turned off the machine and just sat there holding her hand.

Mama took one breath and it was 45 seconds before the next breath. I shook Yap and said get up! She raised up and said is it time? I said Yes. She sat on mama's left side holding her hand, I was on the right. Mama took two very short breaths and that was it. Yap said do you have a pulse. I felt and said no. Yap placed her head over mama's heart, listened, and cried out I love you mama. We sat there for a few minutes. Me just holding her hand. I finally got up and went out the room got the nurse and said MY MAMA IS DEAD. The nurse came and listened. She brought in the blood pressure machine. Yap said do you have to do that. The nurse said yes, and we must do an EKG also. We sat there and they did their work. Then they paged the doctor. He came in and listened to her heart. Hugged us and told us what a strong fighter mama was.

The nurse began to fill a pan to bathe mama. I said are you going to give mama a bath? She said yes. I said I will bathe her, I've bathed her every day she has been here. She gave me my first bath I will give her her last. Yap helped me, the nurse cried. When we finished the nurse said that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my entire career.

Yap and I waited for the funeral home to come get mama. We helped get mama out the room and out of the hospital into the hearse.

I went and made final arrangements. We had mama's wake tonight. Our family did not want to wait till Thanksgiving to bury mama. We do not want to remember that holiday as the day we buried our mama.

The funeral is tomorrow. We will receive guest at the church at 9:30 A.M. with the service to begin at 10.

I think I have told you all before that daddy asked me what I would put in the obit. I said that she was the wife of, mother of, grandmother of....because that was what she was most proud of. I went on to say that I felt no need to brag on her accomplishments because those that knew her knew her accomplishments. Today at the funeral home I did the obit with just who us kids were and grand were. Just like I had planned. The obit hit the paper in Mobile. The Press called and now wants a picture and they are doing an article on my mama. This is not in the obit. It is an article on who she was and what she did. They even called the Mayor (he is my cousin) My brother Joey had to go after the wake tonight to bring a picture to the man doing the article. All we could find was a picture of daddy and mama together. Daddy didn't want himself in the picture. He said it was about mama. I told daddy we couldn't find one of just mama, and after all mama wouldn't be what she was without him. I'll see if I can find the article on the net for you all and post the address for you. This isn't something we expected at all but are quite proud. It will be in the Mobile Press Register tomorrow morning if anybody finds it on the net please post it for me as I'm not too computer literate.

To make matters worse. My brothers wife, (Tuttie girl as you all know her) mama passed away this morning also unexpectedly. Now my two nieces has lost both their grandmothers in one day. I went and bought Hannah and Hope each a teddy bear and Tuttie girl and plant. Tuttie girl has a brother they are trying to find. Her wake is planned for Friday and the funeral for Saturday to hopefully give them time to locate this one brother. Poor Tuttie when I finally got to her today she asked me How much does God think her family can stand? You must remember her husband, my brother, is the preacher.

Joey will do mama's funeral tomorrow. Please pray for him that God will give him the strength he needs. I know he will do this right. He told me nobody can do mama's eulogy or funeral like I can. She deserves this from me.

I'm ok to those that are wondering. I've watched my mama suffer and fight. I knew it was time for her to go home. I praise God that my mama is in a better place. She was a Christian, my family is believers, and it was just time for her to go HOME. That doesn't mean I may not have a bad time in the coming days. I know what to expect. I may need to lean on you all some days to just say this day sucked, but I hope that I've done most of my grieving already.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you all with his peace and comfort tonight. Hugs Lilliepaste

I still feel such relief. I truthfully don't think I'll grieve over mama like I did my FIL. I know that sounds so strange, I did love mama the best, but I had 19 months to prepare for this and over 20 days of watching her suffer with every breath. This time seems so different. I don't know maybe it will hit me later. My brother did such a fantastic job. He is a preacher and did mama's funeral. The Eulogy was nice, I must get a copy from him and send you a copy. We had a program booklet, and my SIL who also lost her mama write this....

Tuttie's Reflection

As I reflect back, there are many things about my mother-in-law that I wondered if many knew, like how she loved to sew and enjoyed making clothes for the grandchildren, as soon as the news was out that a new baby was coming she hastily went to work on baby bibs and blankets and such. I wondered if many knew how wonderful she was to us all, her visits to our homes in the afternoon were something we all looked forward to...the time we spent with her was priceless, even the trips to chemo with her were special, whoever went was sure to be treated to lunch at Cracker Barrel or Olive Garden, her two favorite places. She was special in many ways. She was smart and witty, she loved the Lord and loved her Sunday School class, she adored her family and was proud of each and every one of them, she was a devoted mother and wife, a hard worker as well as a homemaker, she was a fabulous cook, and she was happy to teach me Joey's favorites. The event that stands out most in my mind is meeting her for the first time; I was very nervous and wondered what she would think of me....she was wonderful! I was surprised to learn that she encouraged Joey to marry me! She accepted me the very first day she met me. Life will be hard without her in our lives but her memory will live on in each one of our hearts for she has taught each of us so much that we will go on to teach our children. Eleanor, you were the Best

I love you always,


Shannon wrote a poem for the back of the program

Think of me with laughter and a smile.

We'll be together again in just a little while.

Please Don't cry or shed a tear.

You may not see me but I'll always be near.

Remember the happiness and all the fun we shared.

I always knew just how much you cared.

Daddy, Mama, and my brother Sonny too

Were at Heaven's gate when I went through.

God called them home years ago

And oh how I've missed them so!

The four of us are together once more and one day we'll meet you on Heaven's Golden Shore.

The service was lovely. Very few tears were shed, mostly we sat there stoic. I remember smiling as I looked at the celebration of life pictures and remember how and when each was taken. We had time to say our good-bye, but I'm not so sure about daddy. He came by early and had a cup of hot tea with Sheila while the rest of us drank coffee. I offered to take him with us to Cracker Barrel with us but he said no he had plenty of left overs from yesterday. I did go and cleaned out all mama's drawers. I had all the grand children here late yesterday picking out perfume, make up, hats, purses, and trinkets. What was left over I put in the good will box today. I still must get the clothes out of her closet and I think I'll be finished. My sister and I laid out mama's good jewelry on the couch last night. I picked up mama's pearls and handed them to Yap and said you take these I have one, and mama had a diamond cross neckless and I have one of those also so I said you take this too. So now with what's left here lets pick out what we want. She said since you have been so good you pick first. My heart was pounding the entire time because there was only one thing I wanted. I grabbed the wedding band. Just a cheap little band but so priceless to me. I then took all the other jewelry and pushed it to her and said you have it all I got what I wanted. Mama had some good stuff too! My sister picked up the engagement ring placed it in my hand and said you have this too! It is a 5 karat diamond! No joke! It's not that big around(even though it is big!) its very deep. Yap turned out good also, she got a solid gold rolex with a diamond bezel, two diamond tennis braclets, A very big heart diamond about 2-3 Karats with bagets on the side 2 huge diamond rings with bunches of diamonds, diamond earings, gold neckless, but all I really wanted was that wedding band. I'm so glad I got it! Wasn't yap nice to hand me the engagement ring too. I've got a goood sister.

I sit and watch people now with their happy lives and think you just have no clue what tomorrow may bring, today you smile tomorrow you cry. Life has its ups and downs. We choose to wallow in our self pity or we choose to live. I choose to live. So now I mover forward into life. Hugs Lillie

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I am so sorry for your loss.

http://www.al.com/search/index.ssf?/bas ... ter?nfobit

Bayou net maker dies



Staff Reporter

For decades, her fingers sewed her children's clothes and cut her children's hair when they weren't knotting shrimp trawl nets and balancing the books at Sprinkle's Net Shop in Bayou La Batre.

But Lillian "Eleanor" Sprinkle Rodriguez, who ran Sprinkle's Net Shop along with her husband, Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez Sr., died of lung cancer Tuesday at the age of 69, and her hands worked no more.

"My mom was the epitome of a faithful, loving, good mother," said Joseph "Joey" Cleveland Rodriguez Jr., her son and half-owner of Rodriguez Boat Builders in Bayou La Batre. "She was strong. She was working there at the net shop up until she checked into the hospital two weeks ago."

His mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago and had been in and out of the hospital ever since, he said.

"Everyone knows Eleanor, and everyone knows Eleanor was tough as nails," said Mayor Stan Wright, who said Eleanor was his great aunt. "She was a loving and caring mother and grandmother, and she was a serious businesswoman."

Sprinkle's Net Shop, a fixture in the bayou, was started by Clarence Sprinkle in the early 1950s and has been making nets for Gulf shrimpers ever since, Joey Rodriguez said.

"Papa (Clarence Sprinkle) was a lay minister in town, and he built boats and he made nets. Next thing you know, he was doing it for everyone and he opened up a net business," he said.

Eleanor, one of Clarence's daughters, met Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez Sr., on an oystering trip to Louisiana, Joey Rodriguez said. The two got married and lived in Violet, La., for a few years before moving to Bayou La Batre, he said.

Eleanor went to work keeping the books for the net shop while Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez Sr. worked in the oil and gas industry, he said.

Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez Sr. left Chevron Oil Co. in the 1970s and went into business with Sonny Sprinkle, Eleanor's brother, building boats. The men later closed the business, called S&R Boat Builders, as the two men helped Joey Rodriguez and his brother Charles open a new business: Rodriguez Boat Builders, Inc.

"My mom taught me a lot about business," Joey Rodriguez said. She was a thrifty woman, and could pinch a penny till it bled, he said.

"She cut my hair till I was 12 years old," he said. "I got tired of being the only kid at school with hair that had been buzzed off like that. I finally talked her into letting me go to the barber and pay him a quarter to cut it."

When Eleanor died Tuesday morning, Joey Rodriguez said, "my sisters started bathing her. The nurses came in and told them they would do that, but my sister, Lillie, told them that their mom had given them their first baths and that they were going to give her her last."

Survivors include her husband of 54 years, Joseph Cleveland Rodriguez Sr.; four children, Lillie Davis, Joey Rodriguez, Charles Rodriguez and Audrea Burns; 11 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

The funeral will be today at 10 a.m. at Mobile Christian Center, 4791 Schillinger Road S. Burial will be in Oddfellows Cemetery in Bayou La Batre with Serenity Funeral Home on Old Pascagoula Road directing.

Memorials may be made to the church of your choice.

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What a wonderful mom you had. You are a true memorial to her! As the article said she is now home with the ones who went ahead, I know my biggest worry about dieing is leaving behind the ones I love. The biggest thrill will be seeing my family who went ahead and living with Jesus forever. God bless you and your family.

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Your post was very touching, thank you for that. It sounds as if your mama went peaceully. She is with God now. My pastor said something interesting last Sunday at church - he said we don't spend our life on earth living to go onto death, but our lives are spent dying to go on to eternal life. Your mama has her eternal life to live now and you will be reunited again one day.


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Your post was truly a testment of the love you and your mother shared during your lifetime. Hold on to those memories and yes, she no longer suffers but is in the arms of God now. I am so glad you could be with her. My sincere condolences for your loss and I will pray for you and your family.


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