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Hi Everyone,

I'm a member here but have found it a little difficult to find my way around :D . However I like the topic, LC Survivors. In May of this year, I was a 2 year lung cancer survivor. I have a CTscan scheduled for next month, so I'm hoping it will be ok and I can truly say I am in cancer remission. In April of this year, my oncologist only had a chest xray done. I'll feel a little better after a good CTscan.

I know Barb and Meadow here so I don't feel alone. I hope to get to know the rest of you soon.

Bette - Texas

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Hi Bette-

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find this site as useful and wonderful as I do. Lots of really nice folks here.

Congratulations on your success so far and hoping that your next scan is GREAT!! Please keep us updated!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hey Bette,

It's nice to see you here! Congratulations on being a 2 years LC Survivor! I'm sure it's been a long two years for you,(how well I remember the first 2 years) but I'm sure glad to see your doing well.

This board really is pretty easy to get around in/on. If you need any help, there are plenty of us here to lend a helping hand. Our Ned is our Life Saver and he's really good at giving all of us some helpful hints. We're REALLY LUCKY AND GLAD to HAVE HIM HERE!

WELCOME!!!!!!! Glad your here!


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Hi Bette - welcome! Congratulations on being a 2+ year survivor - I reach that goal tomorrow!

I totally understand the "scanaxiety" as we all seem to feel that way at scan time; however, like you said, once it is over and the results are good we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Looking forward to getting to know you Bette.


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Hi Bette

Congratulations on being a 2 year survivor. I was also stage 1B and had my upper left lobe removed. I am sure your CT scan will be NED as the previous test were.

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Hi, Bette, welcome to the group. I'm originally from Texas -- grew up in West, a little town on Interstate 35 just north of Waco, and went to college in Denton -- but I've lived in Hawaii since 1972. In about 2 months I'll be at the 2-year point, then it'll be time to start worrying about 3 years! It's always something...



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Thanks to all of you for your gracious replies. I really feel welcome here. I will be posting the results of my CTscan which is scheduled in July. Please wish me luck and that the scan will be good.

By the way, I think I know one of the members who replied here to me ... Connie?? I've seen you around somewhere.


Nick, I'm about 100 miles E of Dallas so I know which part of Texas where you used to live.

Great to meet you guys,


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Hi, Bette and welcome aboard.

I suspect that "your" Barb is "our" Barb who is Barb73 here and posts articles regularly in the Lung Cancer in the News section. You can "pm" (private message) her by clicking "no new messages" above and entering Barb73 in the "to" section.

You'll find this a very warm, sharing and helpful group and I'm very glad you found us.


PS I think I remember you from the other board, but I'm not there very often any more, do most of my posting here now.

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