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my mom..


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My mom has been battling debilitating nausea for a hear and a half. She finally had her gallbladder removed several weeks ago. She did better for a few weeks, but it's back..

Now what?? She's got every antinauseau known to man.

They now want a brain MRI. Could brain mets have anything to do with nausea?? Her cancer has been contained to her lung and lymph nodes for this last 8 years, we've been blessed. I'm just scared. She's lost thirty lbs over last year n a half, bout 98 lbs now..:(

God help us all.

Thank you,


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My dad had the same problem during the entire course of his illness and nothing ever worked until he was in Hospice care. They gave him a mixture of Benadryl, Dexamethasone, and Reglan. It seems to be commonly known in hospice as BDR. I know that the hospice pharmacies seem to have a little more freedom when prescribing and mixing things like that, but there has got to be something that works out there. Zofran seemed to help some with dad's nausea, but not immensely. The nausea really bothered him emotionally because it was constant. It was constant even when he wasn't receiving treatments of any kind. The doctor didn't seem to think that there was any reason he should be nauseated and it was really hard to deal with. I hope that you find the solution out there.

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I am sorry to hear about your mom. AT the same time, I am glad to see you - now there's a double edged sword, huh?

Please make sure to post the results of your mom's MRI, I will be looking for it. Maybe that's not it Christy - but the constant nausea must be terrible for your mom. I hope she gets relief- will be thinking of both of you.

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Hang in there until all the facts are in. I remember Mike started with nausea and the doctor assumed it could be due to brain mets and sent him for a MRI. There weren't any brain mets. It took a while and other scans to finally determine that it was the tumor enclosing the esophagus. It had gotten large enough to put pressure on it and caused him to actually spit up or vomit when food hit his stomach. He had out patient procedure to put a stent in his esophagus and the doc put in a feeding tube as a backup if needed. I'm not saying this is the case with your mom. It can be so many things from chemo or drug intolerance to tumors or even preexisting medical problems such as gallbaldder problems etc. Gosh, I'm not trying to be a doctor, I'm just saying hang in there until you have the facts because the possibilities are endless. I'm just so sorry she is going through this .

Hugs to you both,


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