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Answers coming soon!


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I have not posted in a day or 2 mainly because I have not had the ambition to and also because it has been more of the same.. up and down and no answers.

Finally, as of yesterday, we got some elusive answers/information. Although Mom and I are still uncertain about the type of LC, we did learn that the biopsy is back and it is definitely LC and Jerry will be starting chemo, again we are not sure what kind but it will be in pill form. (This is what happens when the doctor comes in and talks to Jerry and does not leave notes for Mom. We will get the information today)

On a very, very bright note, Jerry should be coming home, maybe as soon as Monday. We are getting the wheelchair ramp done this weekend and making sure that everything else is in place. Hospice is coming to help Mom out one or 2 days a week but not in an end of life scenario. Just to make sure Mom is able to have a break now and then. And since my kids are out of school as of noon today, I am able to do much more to help out too.

I will update this later once I have the rest of the information, but wanted to say thanks again to all of you who've been so supportive....

Love and hugs


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You are most welcome Christine. It sure sounds like things are moving along now for the better. I hope he gets home safe and sound. Sounds like there will be good help around for all and nobody will get totally worn out. Hope it is a nice bright sunny day where you are.


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Chris - sorry that it is definitely lung cancer; however, now with a firm diagnosis they can proceed with the treatment that is planned.

I am so happy Jerry will be going home - I bet he is ecstatic with the news (as is your mom). Things are finally falling into place - finally!!!

Take care Chris,


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