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We brought my mom to her general physician 5 weeks ago. We suspected pneumonia but knew something else was going on. We had noticed a severe decline within weeks. Needless to say my mom never made it home. They put her right into the local hospital. From there she has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with mets. Her right lung is complete tumor. She was immediately vented and we are working to get her off vent support atlease for the daytime. She does have one good lung thank goodness. After 2 weeks of nothing being done in our local hospital we contacted the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia. They graciously agreed to accept her as a patient. After jumping through hoops to get transportation from New York to Philly we are finally here. They did more for her in 1 hour here than they did our entire time at our hospital. We were given no hope. Here there is always hope. She has completed radiation to the brain. She has begun weekly chemo. She is spending more and more time with no vent support. My father, brother, and I have set up camp in Philly for awhile. We continue to remain postive and strong! Most importantly we keep praying and believing!

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Welcome to a wonderful group of caring, supportive people. You will find hope from the members here as well.

I am so sorry about what you, your mom, and family have gone through. It is bad enough getting a cancer diagnosis without having all the other stuff thrown into the mix.

It sounds as though you all have a wonderful attitude and that certainly helps. It seems like your mom is on her way to getting off the vent and that is excellent!

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted on how treatments are going and how you are doing.

Take care,


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You bet! You keep praying and believing. I am so glad you found this site then because this is a place of inspiring stories and awesome people who will answer any question you have. And most importantly give you support and hope. I hope things continue to improve.


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Welcome to this great site where the members are full of knowledge and support. Great to hear that there has been some improvement and you are getting a plan in place.

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I wish you a warm welocme to this very supportive, understanding and knowledgeable group of survivors and/or their caregivers/families.

It is good to see that your Mom is doing better and may that continue.

Remaining positive and strong is definitely the way to go, and adding in the belief and prayers is a great plan.


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