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Father got Small Cell Lung Cancer

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I am Linda Sumayku. My father was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer (Small Cell Carcinoma) in his left bronchus.

He is now awaiting his fourth chemo and is far better condition compared to how he was before the treatment. His cough, chest pain, blood in the sputum and shortness of breath are gone.

Having read about lung cancer, especially small cell, makes me very worried about the recurrence that he might have to face in the short future.

We are also now considering whether to take radiotherapy. The doctor suggests that the chemo is combined or followed by radiotherapy in the chest area and on the head to prevent metastases to the brain.

I am glad I found LUNGevity Foundation.

With high hope,

Linda Sumayku

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Hi, Linda, welcome to the group. It sounds like your dad is responding well to chemo, and I hope his next scan bears that out.

The closest I've been to Indonesia is Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We'd be interested in hearing more about you and your family. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Linda-

Welcome to this site altho I am sorry for the reason you had to join. You will find this site full of hope and lots of really great, supportive people.

Ask any question and there will be someone who knows the answer to it. Please also come here if you need to vent - we will be here for you.

Please keep us updated on your dad's prgress and let us know more about you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Linda,

Welcome to the group!

My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in May of this year. He has gone thru 10 radiation treatments and two rounds of chemo. I was told by the nurse pracititioner that my dad should have scans after this round of chemo to see what is going on with the cancer.


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Hi, Linda, and welcome to this site. You will find that the members here are extremely helpful and supportive--whether family members or the patient.

As to recurrence, basically a minimum of 85% of all lung cancer patients experience recurrence within five years and, unfortunately, small cell cancer patients are more likely to do so (and more quickly) than non-small cell (NSCLC).

It is for this reason that SCLC patients usually have more frequent CT scans than NSCLC (who still have quarterly scans for at least two years after being declared NED (no evidence of disease), if not longer.

If I were your dad, especially given his SCLC diagnosis, I'd definitely go with the doctor's recommendation re radiation in addition to chemo therapy (in fact, I did concurrent chemoradiation therapy myself despite having NSCLCL).

I wish you, your dad and your family the very best.


NSCLC Poorly-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma dx 01/07

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Hi Linda and everybody. I'm new here too. My mom was diagnosed with SCLC in Sept. She is 59. They said it was/extensive. She is doing ok for now. She just finished brain radiation after a second round of chemo. One thing I was wondering about - has anyone lost their hearing because of chemo? Does it ever come back? That is hard because there are so many things I would like to talk to my mom about especially now and I have to yell and it just does not come out right. My girls 8 and 5 are having a really hard time because they are used to going to Grammy's a lot and playing at the beach at her house.

I am so glad to find this site. Especially how people put the sequence of events at the bottom of their posts. It is comforting to know what other people have done and that they are still doing good. Also, even though I know that everyone's experiences are different it is good to know what kind of progression to expect.

It is great reading all of your posts. I am really glad to meet everyone and have a great fourth of July holiday.

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