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Bad Situation


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Bad situation

Yesterday we had a very rare thunderstorm here in Northern California. We have had a very dry spring with little more than an inch of rain sense I returned home in February. With all of the extreme dryness the lightning has sparked hundreds of forest fires. There are several burning up by Whiskeytown lake and further up the mountain on 299 heading west. There is also a large fire burning up by Shasta Lake .

I just heard on the news about another area not far from here close to where I have worked in the past that is being threatened by a fire. They are telling the people there to be prepard to leave . That is the reason I never would care for the client there during the summer. I had been through one fire with only one way out. That area really frightened me. I just hope that the man and his caregiver and family are all safe and ready to leave.I

n just Shasta and Trinity county there are 114 fires but some of those fires being counted as one are burning in several places.

I worry about my friends and family up in French Gulch where I used to live. I am also very thankful that I don't live up there anymore. It is pretty safe here but there is a large lot at the end of our building with some trees on it. Just two days ago a bulldozer came in and clearned an area to well away from our fence but you just never know with trees and the dryness especially if the wind comes up. My biggest concern is the smoke. It was really bad all day today. I don't think I will be going on any walks in the next few days between the smoke and the high temperatrues.

I guess it will be a good time to try and catch up on some of my many projects. There is something going on in almost every part of the country. That is kind of scary. I think someone is trying to tell us something!!

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Today has been so strange. It was nearly 100 degrees but it looked like a mid winter day. You would think it is overcast but it isn't. It is all of the smoke in the area. We are completely surrounded by Mountains but you can't even see the foot hills a couple of miles away. As of 6 this evening there were 130 fires burning just in Shasta County. Many more in the surrounding counties as well. The sun looks like a big red ball. You can look at it with the naked eye without hurting your eyes.

I have seen the smoke get pretty bad in the last five years both here and in Southern California. I have to say this is the worse I have seen sense the big Cedar and Paradise Fires when I lived in Escondido. You can watch the ash falling all of the time.

I still feel pretty safe where I live but there are no guarantees. No place is 100% safe with all of the ashes falling and the temperatures due to climb over a hundred for the next several days. They are also predicting another round of thunderstoms by the weekend. This is just crazy for this part of California. I'm used to hot and dry but thunderstoms are something I don't usually think of in California. They are very rare in this area.

Today some firemen came and checked out all of the apratment buildings in our complex. They were just being careful so if something would come up and we would have to evacuate they would know what our situation is here.

Anyway that is it from here for now. Pray that they get a handle on these fires soon. There is not enough personel to spread out to all of them so they are only fighting the ones that endanger property or lives. The firemen they do have are starting to suffer from exhaustion. I hate to think what those h igh temperatures will do to them. Maybe we will get a break and some will come in from other states to help out. In the mean time I will try to spend as little time in the smoke as I can.

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