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Adverse Reaction ? 4th Round of Cisplatin and Etoposide


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Hi Ya'll,

I posted this on the LCAS message board too but everyone seems more "active" on this board so any insights would be appreciated.

I flew through my first 3 rounds of chemo but this fourth one I started feeling bad right away and they stopped it to see if I would feel better. Ok, I didn't FEEL bad but something happened where the lights got so bright because I was seeing double and then just very blurry and couldn't read - and of course that caused a head ache.

Anyhow - they restarted me at 70 % speed then kept moving it down to 50% speed until the doctor called back but by that time I had 95 % of the cisplatin in me- so when he told them to stop the cisplatin I was glad I had most of it already.

Then I had a doctor and pharmacologist visit me because they had never had this side effect at this hospital- even though I researched it and found it several times online.

Two questions- has this happened to anyone else ? and Did they let you continue on to a 5th round? My blood work and stuff is just as good as last week and my vision returned to normal before I left.

Thanks so much!

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Wow Marianne. That mus have been scary. No, I have never heard of that. I had similar, even same I think first line treatment as you. But I do think that if you have got through most of 4th round you have received most of the benefit. And you have radiation on your side too right. And promising results to date. So I just hope things keep going well for you. Hang in there and take care


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Hi, Marianne.

I had three sessions of cisplatin/etoposide (3 x days 1-5 & 8 each) concurrent with 3D conformational radiation therapy, but never had these side effects.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--The late, great George Carlin

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Hi Marianne,

This may sound a little "off" but have you ever had an optical mirgraine headache? I never had them until after I was given Cisplatin/VP16. Suddenly I would be hit with vision problems - spots bright/dark/strobe lights, focus off, Blind spots,nausea - that type of thing.

I initially only got the weird vision disturbances but never got the actual migraine headache- now occasionally I get the full blown headache (but more times I can ward it off with drugs once I noticed the signs of one coming on). After several mri's of the brain, eyes checked, ears checked they finally figured out I had optical migraines.

Keep us posted,


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