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The Latest......update in thread.. arrgghhhh


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Hi Guys

Well some news and some progress but still lots of questions. I'll take the progress though and run with it!

After another botched attempt at radiation last week, (the machine broke, again.) Jerry finally got his 5th and final treatment yesterday. He seems to have come through that very well with no complaints so far.

Yesterday he was also taken back to Albany Med to have the drain removed from his chest. Today will be the first chemo treatment which means that, yes, there is a diagnosis from the biopsy, but Mom has not been able to talk to the doctor to find out what it is!! Originally the doctor was planning to do a 2 hour chemo drip then send Jerry HOME. I was not really comfortable with that and voiced my concern to Mom. She spoke to the nurses about it yesterday and this morning the plan has changed. Now he will get the chemo drip as planned but they are going to keep him overnight again and as long as he does not have any bad reactions, he will be coming tomorrow.

We got the ramp built (such a plus being married to a carpenter!) and the wheel chair and walker, commode and shower chair are all at the house. Hospice through the V.A. will be sending a home health care worker to help Mom out with everything. I am just so relieved that he will be home and that will take some of the load off Mom. She has been going back and forth every day without fail and in the horrible thunder storms we've been having. I am almost as worried about her as I am Jerry!

Please keep the prayers coming ! Mom and I appreciate it so very much.

Love and Hugs


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Hey Chris ... progress is good!

I cannot believe that a machine that is so important to a hospital breaks that many times. Oy vai! Thankfully he eventually got all radiation treatments and isn't feeling any after effects.

Your mom sounds like she has her hands full trying to keep Jerry where he needs to be. Yes, it will be great to have him home - when it is determined that he doesn't have a bad reaction to the chemo.

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished in getting the house ready. One less stress now.

I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

Take care,


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Up down, up down, up down.. here we go again. GRRRRRRRRRRRR and AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH....

Mom called me this morning absolutely furious and hysterical. She was so angry with Jerry and the hospital she could hardly speak. Jerry was supposed to get the first chemo drip yesterday but was so dehydrated again that they could not and would not give it to him. Instead he is back on a saline IV and having tons of blood work done and is just not doing well. Mom was so upset! We had really been hoping to get him home today but this is not happening.

I remember those angry days and can totally understand how she feels. She kept saying to me through her tears that if he would stop being so stubborn and drink he would be ok.. I know it is the frustration and the fear and the overwhelming emotions doing this to her. She was absolutely in melt down this morning just so upset. I told her I would come down and we'd have coffee but she wanted to go cut the lawn and do some errands and just be alone. I know her well enough to know that is what she needed so I did not press it. I just friggin hate this so damn much. It hurts so much to see her in such pain, to see Jerry in such pain.

Anyway, this morning they were doing more saline IV to get him rehydrated and from there they MAY or MAY NOT attempt the chemo again. And they also started him on prednisone yesterday.

Yesterday was so "up" and so hopeful. We have the V.A.'s hospice lined up and when Jerry is discharged they will follow Mom home with him in order to help her get him in the house and settled. Everything is there at the house now so at least we are that far ahead of the game.

Please keep the prayers coming....

Love and hugs


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So sorry you're all having to go through this, Christine. Wish there was something I could do other than "virtual hand-holding."

I do understand the lawn mowing... there were many days last summer (when I still had a lawn) that I attacked it ferociously, and it did help (exercise as therapy!).

Take care and may the rest of this day go much better.

Affectionately, Carole

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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You know I feel that its totally unacceptable to be IN the hospital and noone noticed you were becoming dehydrated. All this stuff scares me to death............what the hell is going on with the health care field these days??

I am continuing to pray for you, Jerry and your mom.

Hang in there, girlfriend!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Is it the health care field or the VA? We've all been reading about the immense budget cuts that have resulted in our returning soldiers not being treated. This sseems to me to be part of that rather than a general health care issue.

We can spend fortunes on wars, but not on those who fight them; and in the case of the war on cancer (declared in 1971 by President Nixon), our government hasn't even bothered to arm its soldiers (including the VA), let alone send them out to fight. :(


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--the late, great George Carlin

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I'm so sorry for Jerry and your family that he was unable to be released . I agree with Patti about it being unacceptable to think Jerry became dehydrated IN the hospital. One has to wonder why they weren't keeping him hydrated. Don't be too rough on Jerry because he may just be feeling too ill to drink. It's too scary to think of the negligence shown in his case. I'm sure they want him stronger before he has chemo. The only good thing is that he didn't get sent home in his present condition. Will be keeping all of you in my prayers for a more postive report soon. Hang in there.



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