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Tuesday nite Chat


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If you would liek to know more about the trip to Bruces place in canada and the story behind Richard Priest and more info then join us in chat tonite! ALl will be revealed including any questions you may ahhve for us to answer and anything else you want or need to know.. :o:shock:

Come on in the waters nice and every one is welcome to join in regardless of whether you ahve been here before or not! All are welcome no one turned away for any reason!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::):D8)

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hey Katie et tech support. I have noticed too in past, since new chat room (and I never went on before) that if you try to join in later you need to be very persistent and just keep on trying. Eventually you will get on...but only if you have time to be frustrated. Sorry about the frustration Dave. So if somebody takes a look at that, need to test it with at least 10users in the room already. Hopefully that helps.

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Have a small window of opportunity here before hubby has me "on the road again" (especially for Randy). When I was able to pop in last night from the KOA in not sunny SC (near Florence), I was caught up reading brokenarrow's morning post. I love it and am jealous I wasn't here to participate in Tuesday's critter chatter. There was no time to catch up on you all but I did get to the chat. It was great bantering with all of you there. Debbie stopped in so this morning I checked out the post about Alan. Sorry things have turned bad Debbie. Hope hospice smooths the troubled waters for Alan and he comes home soon.

Missing you all and dreading not being able to connect where I'll be staying in NJ. But don't count me out yet. If it gets too bad I may have to go to the AT&T store and get a mobile card!

Judy on the way to the Rancocas River

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Judy - we've missed you too. I have a feeling that somehow/someway you will find a way to communicate with us over the next 5 weeks - you are determined and know we need to hear from you (maybe we can't go cold turkey from you!) So, thanks for letting us know where you are at and that things are good on the road.

Sorry Randy - couldn't make it to chat - I find as my husband gets home from work at 6 we are sitting down to eat supper then so I likely won't make it too often (if at all). Anyhow, it sounds like you guys have fun and that's so great.

Take care,


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